UEFA Euro 2024 Predictions

Euro 2024 Predictions

Predict the winners of the Euro 2024 matches and final match here. Guess which national will win the UEFA Euro 24 in Germany.

Who will win the EURO 2024 title?

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  1. Tbh i think germany will win it even tho I’m a France fan bc their defense with thiaw, rudiger, scholterbeg and their midfield with such young talents! Their attack is improving so much. Yes you say :well what about other teams like France, England, Portugal etc. It’s just the mentality of the team. You remember the friendly matches, even tho they lost to belgium(credit to them) the way that they kept possession was scary bc even if you pressed them high or just put pressure on them they always found the way to turn that pressure to a counter attack. Kevin schade, mergim Berisha, adeyemi, muokoko are young and fullkrug is right now the top scorer of Bundesliga with a 13 place team. Despite their awful wc run I think they have the team and the quality to win it (ps watch out for mbappe)

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