Interview with Jon Seymour – Premier Manager 2007 Producer

Premier Manager is a football management video game series which started in 1992. Its 2007 version is producing by Jon Seymour at Zoo Digital.

Can you please introduce yourself briefly and tell us what are you doing exactly at Zoo Digital Publishing?
Jon Seymour: My name is Jon Seymour and I am the Producer for Premier Manager, a football management game from ZOO Digital Publishing in the UK which started way back in 1992.

Premier Manager will be released also for season 2006-2007, which key features will it have?
Jon Seymour: We have made a whole host of improvements this year but the one we are most proud of was the increased usability of the game and the user interface. Ease of navigation is the key point here – how to get from one area of the game, say transfers, to another, like training or latest news, without having to go through too many menus or button presses.

By doing this players are able to access the exact area of the game they want as quickly as possible.

This version will be released only on PC and PS2, was not there any plan for Xbox or Xbox 360?
Jon Seymour: There are no plans to move to Premier Manager to the Xbox or Xbox 360 at present but it is something we will no-doubt look at in the near future.

The Packshot has already been released, unlike other football video-games; there is no any cover star!
Jon Seymour: This is an area where management games tend to differ from the likes of Pro Evo or FIFA. The focus is on you as the manager of your club, not on the players. Therefore it would not reflect correctly on the game if we had a big name player on the front. We want you, as the manager, to be the central figure.

Do you think of other editions of this game, such as Bundesliga, La Liga or even Iranian Premier League for future?
Jon Seymour: Premier Manager 2006-2007 features 6 European leagues “England, Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Scotland” and their sub-divisions.

If you want to play in the top tier of the German league you can choose that, or you could opt to start at the very bottom by choosing a team in the bottom division of the English League. There is a lot of choice.

As for the inclusion of the Iranian Premier League the PS2 installer base in that area would not justify the localisation but a PC version is something to consider.

Have you ever thought about the developing of a new football video game (non-management) in Premier Manager style?
Jon Seymour: ZOO Digital Publishing was the publisher of the Actua Soccer series a few years back so we have some background in the football sim area. Again there are no definite plans to develop a non-management game but maybe one day …

Are you a football fan too – what is your favourite team/club?
Jon Seymour: Yes very much so! We are all football fans here. Personally I support Manchester United and have had a season ticket at Old Trafford for 20 years now. Looking up from my desk I can see people who have season tickets at Spurs, Bolton, Man City and Sheffield Wednesday.


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