PES 2021 PlayStation 5 (PS5)

PES 2021 PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 console is set to be released in late 2020. It is expected that Konami release its PES 2021 video-game for Playstation 5 when the console is out.

It’s predicted that eFootball PES 2021 PS5 version to be a next-gen edition of the game with special Frostbite engine which could feature improved graphics and visual/audio effects and 8K supported graphics.

The price for PES 2021 Next-Gen for Playstation 5 is also expected to be higher than the current-gen. We will cover all the latest info and details on PES 2021 PlayStation 5 version here.

Meanwhile, you can share your comment and wishlist for PES 21 PS5 edition here at this page.

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  1. we want real gameplay, great passes, not this catastrophic, we want much better dribbling one on one, and even going through two, more starts and shutdowns! We want better control, and turns without fast running, better pressing, taking the ball, and pressing one We don’t want to play this, where every player is the same sluggish, there is no difference, and the wizard in the game, there is no difference between fast,and slow about stronger players, and those dominant in the jump and duel !!! Give us the right game in which every result is possible, and beat a much weaker player and 10: 0.8: 0, not helped by the computer, and the game and every game ends with one or two goals, there is no tension, heat, reversal or We hope that a new era will come with playstation 5!!!!!!

  2. let it be a pes pro evolution, and 150 euros I would give for it, like many if it were as it used to be, in the range of pro evolution soccer 6 and 2013 !!! Make a game like a pes simulator virtual soccer pro, and rush footbal 2, and that player ratings, forms are worth something, mean and bring changes in the game, as in 2016 and 2017, and not here you put two attackers with a speed rating of 99 ,and again you will not run over anyone, go into dribbling or a score of 99, and also add a real ball on the ground and in the air, which throws the player into a clear chance, or when you increase the pass speed to play quickly to secure a large possession, and break through the defense … Whatever you do you can’t score a couple of goals, and the computer on legend is always stronger than you fast, you boost your scores, or lower theirs, a little ridiculous !!! Give us back that old feeling, and give back teamwork ratings to players and clubs when we make our own teams, and transfers !!! We want a tense game, crazy, full of goals, reversals, exclusions with the real judge, and the commentator who freezes the blood in his veins, gives the tension yelling at Mr. ol, penalty, opportunity, mistakes, and gives the dimension more !!!

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