PES 2021 PlayStation 5 (PS5)

PES 2021 PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 console is set to be released in late 2020. It is expected that Konami release its PES 2021 video-game for Playstation 5 when the console is out.

It’s predicted that eFootball PES 2021 PS5 version to be a next-gen edition of the game with special Frostbite engine which could feature improved graphics and visual/audio effects and 8K supported graphics.

The price for PES 2021 Next-Gen for Playstation 5 is also expected to be higher than the current-gen. We will cover all the latest info and details on PES 2021 PlayStation 5 version here.

Meanwhile, you can share your comment and wishlist for PES 21 PS5 edition here at this page.

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20 thoughts on “PES 2021 PlayStation 5 (PS5)

  1. So football is a horror, I read what many say, football is scripted, terrible controls, passes, running into the space of several players, false movements, and throwing in front of players, I also have nerves in front of me players in front of whom I am just about to add to the space, but in front of me one player got in the way, and I went a little to the side and intended to play this one on my own, and to throw him one on one with the goalkeeper, but he immediately came back instead of running, or became completely sensible, and the other players they are not interested and do not offer but wait, and the funniest thing is that people say, you can amplify all the players and you can’t do anything to the computer because the game is like whatever you do, you amplify, you reduce the same because it is set so that you can’t break the worse opponent, it is scripted, and automated instead of adapting to us, and offers more styles in the game! Only if you increase all the ratings and put on a weaker level top player you can rank and score a couple of goals, but even that does not give nice control , nor nice passes, plays but all by force and pushing … shame … I hope that the dog 2022 brings us back to where we belong and where grades and forms mean something and offer a dimension of more game, and more fun tension, and reality as in real football!

  2. yes, it’s ridiculous that in this game, even the ratings don’t mean anything, so the game is terrible, the inaccurate passes are added, there are no nice plays, as it was done on rush football 2, this is idiocy, but this to strengthen the players to the strongest, and again you can’t beat and break a computer a couple of games in a row, you can reduce them and get in shape, I don’t know what automatism is, and a filtered game for three years now that you can’t pass, steal with top marks ball, have a strong dominance to make a turnaround, an exclusion, and someone has already said, I don’t know if the computer has ever earned a red, or two and that every game is for itself, and that player transfers and ratings are worth something in this rigged and grumpy game, which has no soul or result 8: 0, but you also turn 0: 2 to 4: 2, 0: 3, to 4: 3 and make dominance and great possession, work on the ratings, to mean and carry changes in the game, and give us back the old feeling, smile on your face, give this game a soul, and give back teamwo rk ratings in the game !!!

  3. So the game in recent years is a total disaster for me, without ease, control, fine passes, you have to adapt to the game, not it to you, there is no dense playing with smaller clubs, it is too hard and without style, and another day I read various opinions of people and how the game is set up, filtered that whatever you do it makes decisions, I play a couple games against my brother who was always a worse player than me, and didn’t know how to combine two passes, and I who won tournaments, played like crazy, I can’t beat him three in a row, neither break a single game, and beat me more games in the last three years at these games than at all the other 20 years, and I look at what people say, I amplify the players the whole midfield and attack, like I have 5 Ronaldo and Maradona , and stronger, and defense, and I didn’t manage to win, then I put the players in top form, and we stay two games 1: 1, even he laughs who loves this dog in recent years because it’s difficult, and the game helps the player !? !?! What are the ratings, and the creation of players, and stars, if not with such s You can’t steal a ball, have a possession of 70 percent or more, and hit a couple of goals from a great distance, break a computer, make a turnaround, the game can be good and has a good background, but player forms and ratings must mean something. did we choose the players to be tense when the tournament is played by 8 or 10 of us … Automation hurts me more than some other nonsense in the game !!!

  4. first of all make a game where of course there are mistakes, and you need to get used to and learn new things, but not a game where there are always hard, hard dribbles and no nice mushroom control, and it’s hard to get by with fast players, which is silly never worse and always strong and inaccurate! Isn’t it stupid that when you put the strongest players in the team you can’t have dominance and score more goals, what are the ratings of this game for the last three years, in 2016 and 2017, when you changed or created players you could raise play at a higher level and thus beat the computer to the strongest and 7: 0, and here it is impossible because neither the forms nor the ratings are worth anything, because the game is funny, full of mistakes, and always offers the same, and every game the same, increase or decrease ratings , there is no difference, it’s disgusting and you can see that it doesn’t make sense, not as dense as it used to be, when transfers are made, so first the best players are chosen, the weakest in quality, and then the strong ones last, so the quality equalizes and the game becomes even more tense. by creating you speed up the game or be what it is you want to, but here it is impossible to steal the ball, have 80 percent possession, and make a crazy turnaround, if only it could be great this way you don’t like the game, and you still can’t change anything because it’s full of bugs and set up !!!

  5. who we are idiots and horses make fools of us, and yet in 2021 they will throw the same garbage at us, as in 2020 and two years ago, where neither forms nor grades mean anything, the game is automated, and to put the best team in the world, you can’t break anyone, there is no game to experience, domination on one goal, the possibility of stealing the ball, easy goals, top controlled balls on the ground and in the air, players do not follow the game, do not enter the space, no real controlled dribbling without fast running, no powerful breakthroughs in the sprint of real rapids, and to put all the marks on 99 you can’t break the computer !!! Comedy if you give us this same s***, automated and filtered, it will show you how miserable you are, and how much you listen to our wishes !!! can buy then 2021 !!!

  6. Pes is not like before, every things as change from pes. The real face of players and feeders players are not correct and the playing on the pitch is totally wrong. Outsider shoot is very weak, cross and nod is not accurate and the master league legend is more stronger than the playing. So all this should be correct and accurate so that will can enjoyed the playing on ps5 that is coming soon thanks.

  7. if you continue with this kind of gameplay please cancel the game, or let some other organization make good football !!! You have been mocking us for years, saving on money, licenses that we can tolerate, but something like this! Players are slow, sluggish, there is no good control, you are always pushed, and you run into a crowd, no fine dribbling, work on a better fake in the race, and kicks from races, not when you get out of power, a strong anchor like Lewandowski or suarez that you can’t break through the goalkeeper, or sometimes you shoot too weakly! Players move uninterestedly, don’t follow the game, avoid jumps, run away from the ball , passes are equal to disaster, I don’t know what to do to hit a nice nice long pass to a player when he runs, and when by some miracle I hit him the ball bounces … Disaster !!! Passings on the floor are also a shame, inaccurate uncontrolled always strong, they are bad centers, there are no real head kicks from the floor, head down on the head of another player, nice volleyball, playing on an empty goal, when you are in front of the goalkeeper, no reversals, harder stops, exclusions on both sides, reversals !!! Judges are a horror, too and commentators , and online gameplay is also just a shame !!! The only thing you introduced well is that the player can be blocked, but even that is too much pushing, you can’t win in a duel, wrestling and fights have become football, and what we can praise are the quick changes, that we don’t have to take a break elsewhere for years os pes 2013 SHAME !!!

  8. the most tragic of all is that we are bored at home a couple of months since the crown, and we would like to play real football, and you do not want to play this !!!! This pes is died a long time ago, we hope for nothing more, although we would like, the pes 2021 to be finally playable as in the best days, and on playstation 5 let there be a year break, it doesn’t matter if you give us a game in the range of beautiful pro evolution simulators, with top passes, mistakes, but also crazy games, real fun, music, and yes we can throw it in ourselves, the right game, that player ratings, and forms mean something in this game, not that there is no furniture, whatever you do, you can’t steal the ball, score a couple of goals, and the computer is always stronger and faster !!!

  9. first of all give us back the game and the feeling it was like on pro evolutin soccer 6, and the last playful and addictive pes 2013! Work on player ratings, to see the differences between them, like sometimes when someone would take, say, a weaker club because he would play there, someone who suits him in attack, say a very fast player, another would take a club for a great stopper, and a great goalkeeper , third because that team plays as hard as Atletico Madrid or Watford, someone does that because the team has a great team work, and that thing, and here everything is the same, whoever you play with, that you played and there is no darling, that infection !!! Work on even better ratings of stronger and faster players, and real already proven players, but also young talents, explosive, strong so that psg, real, barcelona, ​​Liverpool, manchester city, juventus, bayern are extra strong, but that right there they will be strong chelsea, atletico madrid, arsenal, leipzig, tottenham, atalanta and many other clubs that have a strong, fast dominant player, or in speed or jump, strength, a great scorer, and that they can enjoy playing against big clubs and not this, either the big clubs are too strong, or these are too weak, and depending on the forms they need, there will be more surprises !!! Give it something that was before, and as in real life, for everyone to find a team that suits them, and the difference between players, and characteristics and clubs, and not a game that we have to adapt to, instead of us, and goals fall hard , always one, or two, if that, and goals from the counter !!! There are no real passes, brutal ones, one-on-one dribbling, off, reversals, real possession, counters, stealing the ball, crazy pressing, experience game !!! … the game is automated and full of bugs, and so on for three years !!!Please konami!!!

  10. we want new gameplay, we don’t want this unplayable, hard, and automated game, wherever you do, you take a stronger team, or in a team that you have messi, maradona, pele, zidane, you can’t score a couple of goals, and confirm the computer to legend !!! Are all these players in top form, or that they have two goalkeepers in attack,and defense, they play the same and score goals, because that’s how the game is made full of bugs, automated where you can’t change anything, or break a weaker opponent!?!? Funny! !! Work on real passes, dribbling moves, possession and pressing !!!

  11. we want real gameplay, great passes, not this catastrophic, we want much better dribbling one on one, and even going through two, more starts and shutdowns! We want better control, and turns without fast running, better pressing, taking the ball, and pressing one We don’t want to play this, where every player is the same sluggish, there is no difference, and the wizard in the game, there is no difference between fast,and slow about stronger players, and those dominant in the jump and duel !!! Give us the right game in which every result is possible, and beat a much weaker player and 10: 0.8: 0, not helped by the computer, and the game and every game ends with one or two goals, there is no tension, heat, reversal or We hope that a new era will come with playstation 5!!!!!!

  12. let it be a pes pro evolution, and 150 euros I would give for it, like many if it were as it used to be, in the range of pro evolution soccer 6 and 2013 !!! Make a game like a pes simulator virtual soccer pro, and rush footbal 2, and that player ratings, forms are worth something, mean and bring changes in the game, as in 2016 and 2017, and not here you put two attackers with a speed rating of 99 ,and again you will not run over anyone, go into dribbling or a score of 99, and also add a real ball on the ground and in the air, which throws the player into a clear chance, or when you increase the pass speed to play quickly to secure a large possession, and break through the defense … Whatever you do you can’t score a couple of goals, and the computer on legend is always stronger than you fast, you boost your scores, or lower theirs, a little ridiculous !!! Give us back that old feeling, and give back teamwork ratings to players and clubs when we make our own teams, and transfers !!! We want a tense game, crazy, full of goals, reversals, exclusions with the real judge, and the commentator who freezes the blood in his veins, gives the tension yelling at Mr. ol, penalty, opportunity, mistakes, and gives the dimension more !!!


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