PES 2021 Leagues

PES 2021 Leagues

PES 2021 leagues list will be listed here as soon as it is revealed. You can now vote for your favourite league to be in PES 2021 at our PES 2021 Leagues Vote page.

PES 2021 Leagues

League License
Argentina Liga Profesional de Futbol Licensed
Belgium Jupiler Pro League Licensed
Brazil Brasileirão Assai 2020 Exclusive
Brazil Brasileirão Serie B 2020 Exclusive
Colombia Campeonato PlanVital Licensed
Chile Liga BetPlay DIMAYOR Licensed
China CFA Super League Licensed
Denmark 3F Superliga Licensed
England English League Generic
England English Premier League Generic
France Ligue 1 UberEats Licensed
France Ligue 2 BKT Licensed
Italy Serie A TIM Licensed
Italy Serie BKT Licensed
Portugal Liga NOS Licensed
Portugal Eredivisie Licensed
Russia Tinkoff Russian Premier Liga Exclusive
Scotland Scottish Premiership Licensed
Spain Spanish League Generic
Spain Spanish 2nd Division Generic
Switzerland Raiffeisen Super League Licensed
Thailand TOYOTA Thai League Licensed
Turkey Süper Lig Exclusive
  AFC Champions League Licensed
  PEU League Generic
  PAS League Asia Generic
  PLA League Latin America Licensed

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27 thoughts on “PES 2021 Leagues

  1. Polish Ekstraklasa league first of all. I also agree that Africa is totally undermined – my suggestion is to add for example Ghanian Premier League. In order to make the Master League more joyful, I would add some 3rd leagues (example: Spain, England, Italy, etc.) so we could have 3 tiers (promotions and relegations).

  2. We need the Polish National team 3rd jersey the Polish league and the home stadium of Wisla Krakow & the National team home stadium!!.

  3. Include more PEU, PAS and PLA leagues 1-2 more of them.

    Any league that you can get, even non licensed leagues.

  4. So far, both PES and FIFA have several men’s first divisions, but few lower ones and… no women’s clubs. I would like to see not only more countries such as the unfairly neglected Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus etc, but also more leagues per country (at least three divisions for women and two for men). I also agree with users who suggest more leagues from America and Asia, as well as a good opening to Africa. I know this will require a lot of work, so… why not hire a lot of workers for it 😉

    I would also like an option that prevents all teams from transferring players between each other. Team chemistry is much more important and much harder to build than presented in the games so far. A football team does not just depend on the players’ abilities. It mostly depends on how these are positioned on the pitch and perceived by each player. Also, abilities in football are mostly about space and time management, rather than on-ball flicks ‘n’ tricks. The camera focuses on where the ball is, but each moment is actually played all over the pitch. Even the farthest off-ball player’s positioning is crucial, as besides tactics it also affects the perception-related factors.

  5. I appreciate these things cost money, but it seems Konami are so keen on partnerships with clubs, they must cost a fair bit more? That said, clubs like Colo Colo and Alianza Lima have partnerships but you wouldn’t know compared to how much work they do on the likes of Bayern, Juve. I’m not dumping on that (I’m a Leeds fan by the way), but it seems these partnerships take a lot of time and effort when they decide to, but otherwise don’t do much. If the biggest audience for PES is not in Europe then focus on that, give us leagues in South America (Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay) and if you can’t get the Libertadores license then get us 2/3 clubs from Bolivia, Paraguay etc. and we’ll do it ourselves.
    With Asia I find it ridiculous the J League is mobile only, and why are there no leagues from West Asia? When you face the same set of teams in the ACL it’s dull, so get leagues from Iran, Qatar, Uzbekistan.

    With all these continents, if licensing is a problem then just give us fake leagues and we can do it ourselves?

    I also think that they are massively missing out by ignoring Africa. How hard would it be to put in the CAF Champions League (real of fictional), plus 2-3 leagues (again do fake if you want), but that opens up a huge market. The same can be said for CONCACAF, just because MLS and Liga MX are off the table, what about Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador?

  6. Hey Dutch guy here a few things we need are!!. The leagues we need are Bundes League I & II, EFL & English Championship, and seeing as how I’m a Dutch guy we need the Eerste Divisie I’m a NAC Breda Fan id love to see our League in game!!. A few other things I’d love in game is the real KNVB Cup and and real Johan Cruyff shield and the real podium for winning the Eredivisie & the Eerste Divisie the Netherlands national team 3rd kit and the Netherlands official match ball!!.

  7. I would like to see the following additions if possible (Please note, I’m not even going to suggest leagues that have deals with Fifa such as MLS/Bundesliga)

    In Europe there are generally an adequate amount, but maybe some more ‘Rest of’, with 3 teams from countries such as Austria, Czech Rep., Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia. This would mean more variation on teams for CL and EL.

    With South America, you need to bring back the Colombian league and keep it this time, and perhaps add leagues from Ecuador, Uruguay and Paraguay. Likewise give us more ‘rest of’ rather than just 4 Peruvian

    Asia needs a lot of work, the J League needs to be in the full game, plus I can’t imagine leagues from places like Iran, Uzbekistan and Qatar that hard to get? Once again, give us more ‘Rest of’ so the same teams don’t appear in Champions League.

    Finally, could you not add some Central American leagues? If you put 2 fake leagues in we could do USA/Mexico, then give us leagues from Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, a fake tournament as we’re set. Ideally do this with Africa too

  8. Hey Dutch guy here in PES 2021 we the Dutch Eerste Divisie cause I’m a NAC BREDA!!. Few other things we need are the Bundes League I & II, EFL, English Championship, Romanian League, Croatian League, Belarus League, Azerbaijanian League, Cypriot League, Bulgarian League, Turkish 2nd division, Thai 2nd division, Russian 2nd division, Czech League, Swedish League, Norwegian League, Georgian League, Welsh League, Irish & NorthernOrish Leagues, Saudi League, Iranian League, J- League 1 & 2, K-League, K, Classic, Liga MX, Greek League!!. And can we get the Netherlands 3rd Kit & officiall match ball!!.

  9. I’m a female player and In PESc 2021 we need female National teams & like the top 4-5 female Leagues plus the Mexican women’s league could be cool , Other leagues we need are the Norwegian, Swedish, Croatian, Greek Superleague, MLS, Bundes Liga I & II, Dutch Eerste Divisie, EFL, English Championship, Thai 2nd division, Liga MX, Mexican 2nd division!!. Other things we need is Estadio Azteca & Club America’s & Cruz Azul’s stadium , more Dutch Stadiums my husband is Dutch I’d love to see NEC Nijmegen’s stadium in game!!. Maybe get a fully licensed Mexico & USA National teams with a MKS stadium !!.

  10. PES 2020 News Leagues And Teams
    Premier League EFL Championship EFL League One EFL League Two Vanarama National League (North Center South) Ligue 1 Ligue 2 Championnat National (National 1 National 2 National 3) Serie A TIM Calcio B Serie C Serie D La Liga Santader La Liga Smarbank Segunda B Tereca Division Bundersliga Bundersliga 2 3. Liga Regionalliga Eredivisie Ereste Divisie Jupiler Pro League Proximus League Russian Premier League FNL Russian League Sportoto Super Lig PTT 1 Lig Ukrainian Premier League Greek Super League SuperLiga Bundersliga Austria Hrvatski Telekom Prva Liga Het Liga Liga A1 Superligaen RSL Challenge League Scottish Premiership Scottish Championship Liga 1 Betano Allsvenskan Superettan PKO Ekstraklasa Eliteserien Premier League Belarus A PFG Fortuna Liga Prva Liga Telekom Slovenije Première Division Chypre Premier League Kazakth SSE Airtricity League Seconde Division Ireland NB 1 Première Division Azéri Veikkausliiga Première Division Arménie Betrideildin Umaglesi Liga Georgie BGL Ligue Liga Andorra Welsh Premier League KF Tirana FK Kukësi FK Sarajevo FK Željezničar Sarajevo FC Levadia FC Flora Tallinn JK Nõmme Kalju Europa FC FH Hafnarfjordur KR Reykjavi kUMF Stjarnan Valur Reykjavik KF Ballkani KF Drita FK Tukum 2000 FK Sūduva Vandar Skopje Floriana FC FC Sheriff Tiraspol FK Budućnost Podgorica FK Stujuska Nikšić Linfield FC Coleraine FC Tre Fiori FC Società Calcio Faetano
    MBS Pro League D1 Saudi Arabia Jawwal West Bank Premier League Yemen League D1 Oman Bahrain Premier League Kuwait Premier League UAE Pro League Quatar Star League Lebanese Premier League Iraqi Premier League Persian Gulf Pro League PFL Premier League Pakistan Premier League Indian Super League Bangladesh Premier League CSL China League One K League Classic K League Challenge K3 League J1 League J2 League J3 League HFKA Première Division Macau Premier League V League 1 V League 2 Myanmar National League Lao Premier League Metfone League Philipines Football League Toyota Thai League Thai League 2 Liga Super Malaisia Liga Premier Malaisia Singapore Premier League Brunei Premier League Liga 1 Indonésia Liga 2 Indonésia Liga Futbol Amanda Timor Leste Hyundai A-League ASB Premiership National Soccer League Solomon Premier League Mobil Super Ligue Fidji Football League Tuvalu National Football League Cook Islands Round Cup Ligue 1 Tahiti High Quality United Druk Stars United Dordoi Bishkek Maziya SC Ulamanbaatar City FC SP Falcon Erchim FC Machhindra FC Nepal Army Army FC FK Ahal Köpetdag Asgabat Toofan Harirod Utulei Youth Pago Youth Lion Heart Loto Ha’apai United Veitongo FC Erakor Golden Star Ifira Black Bird FC Tafea FC Tupuji Imere FC Rovers Guam Guam Shipyard
    Canadian Premier League MLS USL Championship USL League One USL League Two Liga MX Asenco MX Liga Nacional De Guatemala Primera League Of Belzize LNP Honduras FPD Costa Rica Liga Panama Primera EL Salvador Primera Division Nicaragua D1 Cuba Championnat National De Haiti Hoppers FC RC Aruba SC Dakota Bears FC Western Warriors FC Weymouth Wales FC North Village Rams Real Rincon SV Juventus Jong Holland Northern Bombers FC Atlético Pantoja Olympique Cayenne Paradise FC ST John’s FC Frutas Conquerors Waterhouse FC GSP Puerto Rico Village Superstar FC Robin Hood Defence Force FC La Horquetta FC
    Superliga Primera B Nacional Primera Division Chile Primera B Chile Primera Uruguay Segunda Uruguay Liga Bolivia Division Paraguay Liga 1 Peru Serie A Ecuador Liga Colombia Primera B Colombia Apertua Venezuela Deportivo Fatic Real Tomayapo Stormers San Lorenzo Vaca Diez FC 9 De Octubre FC Manta FC Atlético Santo Domingo 2 De Mayo FC Resistencia FC Alianza ATL. Sullana Comerciantes Unidos Deportivo Coopsol Juan Aurich Chiclayo Santos FC Angostura FC ATL. Furrial Atlético EL Vigia FC CD Hermanos Colmenarez Petroleros De Anzoátegui Titanes FC UCV FC Yaracuyaros FC
    Egyptian Premier League Premier Soccer League National First Division Ligue 1 Algérie Ligue 1 Tunisie Ligue 1 Botola Ghana Premier League Nigerian Premier League Premier League Ouganda Premier League Sudan Girabola MTN Elite One Primus Ligue Kenyan Premier League Super D1 Mauritanie Libyan Premier League
    Ayema FC Salitas FC Maio FC Clube Sportivo FC AS Port Bouenguidi Sport Club Real De Banjul Bantu United CNaPS SportCSilver Strikers FC Real Bamako Club Olympique Bamako Grande Rivière Du Sud Est FC Bolton City FC Costa Do Sol UDS Songo US Gendarmerie FC Agrosport FC Bo Rangers FC ST Michel United FC Horseed SC Teungueth FC Young Buffaloes FC ASKO Kara
    Uefa Champion League Uefa Europa League Uefa Supercup Uefa Cup Winners Uefa Euro 2020 Uefa Nations League AFC Champions League AFC Cup Arab Club Champion Cup AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 Concacaf Champions League Leagues Cup League Concacaf Campeones Cup Caribbean Championship Club Concacaf Nations League Copa Libertadores Conmebol Sudamericana Conmebol Recopa Conmebol Nation Cup OFC Champions League OFCNation Cup Caf Ligue Des Champions Caf Coupe De La Confédération Caf Super Coupe Can 2021 CHAN 2021

  11. This is just so unfair for South Africans because we also would like to see our very own league in PES 2021 .

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