Interview with Daniel Schellhase – WCG 2006 FIFA Champion

Interview with Daniel Schellhase

The German twins, Daniel and Dennis Schellhase are the world’s best FIFA 07 players and have won the World Cyber Games (WGC) FIFA competition title in 2006. FIFPlay had a chance to interview Daniel Schellhase, who won the 2006 WCG FIFA competition. We ask him some personal questions and his ideas for the next version of FIFA, FIFA 2008.

Here is the interview content with Daniel:

Daniel, can you please introduce yourself to our fans?

Daniel: My Name is Daniel Schellhase, I’m 23 years old and play FIFA for the well-known team SK-Gaming. I won 2006 World Cyber Games FIFA title. And in 2003, I got second place of the competition, behind my brother but won with him the 2on2 competition.

What is your favourite club? Who is your favourite footballer?

Daniel: My favourite club is 1. FC Kaiserslautern, and my favourite football player is Thierry Henry from Arsenal.

When was the first time you played FIFA?

Daniel: It was FIFA International Soccer on Super Nintendo. But I played every year the new FIFA part :>

Have you ever thought before that you will win the WCG FIFA title?

Daniel: I never thought that I would get the chance once again … But after my brother won WCG for the second time I was very motivated. I wanted to do all to get this title too. So I practiced the whole year really hard to reach my aim.

Who is your rival player at WCG?

Daniel: He is Ovvy from Romania. I know that he would be the best beside my brother and me :>

How do you warm up for WCG matches do you usually play against Deniss?

Daniel: Yes, we practiced a lot at home to get to the highest possible level before WCG. But I had many university examinations which stopped my practice two weeks before WCG. But after the examinations we spend the rest of our time to practice.

Do you play FIFA online as well? If so, is your nickname ‘SK | hero’ when playing online, or you rather to be anonymous?

Daniel: No, I never play on another nick, because if they read my nickname … everybody try to do his best and that’s better training for me … If they don’t know they aren’t 100% motivated and I think they don’t play against a very good gamer and don’t take the game serious … so its better to play with real nick … :>

There are some other football games like PES, have you ever played them? Some people say that PES is better than FIFA, what do you think?

Daniel: In FIFA are more ways to score and you are more free for placing your players on the field. It’s much more calculable than PES and that’s the reason why its better for eSports. PES is much luckier… and it makes me frustrated if I know I did all right and didn’t score because my player didn’t want to in this moment. I want to get better and better in a game and want to be free in my style of gaming … in PES you are bounded on your system you use, but in FIFA you are more free … You have many more opportunities, and that is the reason why I like FIFA much more.

Do you play FIFA Manager too?

Daniel: I have a copy of it at home, but I don’t have time to play it, because beside my studies and the eSport there isn’t enough space to play much more, because I want to spend a lot of time with my friends and girlfriend.

As you know, FIFPlay people’s wishlists on the next version of FIFA. Do you have any idea or wishlist for FIFA 08 that you wanna suggest to EA?

Daniel: I would suggest them a method for sending player in more than only one direction. I want to control where player runs … not only straight to the goal. Upwards and downwards would be better, Corners shouldn’t be so easy… it’s very easy to score after a corner. The long balls shouldn’t be so effective in the next version. And a better behaviour of the defenders in a 4-defender system.


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