Interview with Nick Pothmann – EA Germany’s PR Manager

Nick Pothmann

Nick Pothmann is a PR Manager at Electronic Arts Deutschland GmbH. He is responsible for all EA SPORTS games including FIFA and several other EA titles as e.g. Need for Speed or Def Jam.

We caught him at Game Convention Leipzig 2006 and asked him if he’s free for a short interview, well since he’s a very nice guy, he didn’t say no to us!

How EA do support FIFA and FM online communities?
Nick Pothmann: We got lots of support activities, e.g. we got a community representative for direct contact and questions on any issue (Sascha Gross)! Another chance to talk to us is on the FM 07 message board which is managed by David Neumann our Online Marketing Manager. EA Germany also organizes preview days for selected community sites to get an early impression on the games. Furthermore we run the official FIFA online leagues. Our freelancers Hendrik, Sascha and Stefan are supporting all participating community sites for over six years. They also organize virtual tournaments.

Do you play FIFA or FIFA Manager at home?
Nick Pothmann: I am an addicted FIFA manager, playing about 20-30 hrs per week. I always choose Borussia M´gladbach to lift that club back to international glory.

You’re definitely a football fan, which club do you support?
Nick Pothmann: I am definitely, and my football heart belongs since 25 years to Borussia Mönchengladbach. Not the most successful choice but in fact the BEST 😉

Which features you would add to the next version of FIFA, if you were a FIFA Producer?
Nick Pothmann: I would probably extend the online features to a virtual online football world. Real & virtual world will grow together. We need to play, compete & communicate online to get the max of fun and live a virtual reality!

Which league is more necessary to be added in FIFA 08 on your opinion: Australian, Argentinean, Iranian or Russian League?
Nick Pothmann: That’s easy, Argentina. Definitely the strongest of that four leagues and very important for the transfer market. I have seen the match San Lorenzo vs. Boca Juniors in Buenos Aires and that enthusiasm is unique in the world. It would be a challenge to catch that vibe!

Which band or song title you personally would like to have in the next version of FIFA?
Nick Pothmann: I would love to hear a song of the new Mando Diao album. We had a remix of their “Down in the past” in the FIFA World Cup game but no song in FIFA 07. These guys do not only play powerful music, they are absolutely crazy about FIFA as well. Their favourite activity on tour are FIFA and NHL tournaments on PSP and PS2 and they play really well!


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