Interview with Daniel Schellhase at Games Convention 2007

Daniel Schellhase is the winner of WCG FIFA competition in 2006. Daniel and his brother Dennis Schellhase were invited by EA to the Leipzig at GC 2007 to play and check FIFA 08 game.

We used this opportunity to interview Daniel and ask his opinion about the improvement of FIFA 08 Next-Gen. Above you can watch this video-interview with Daniel Schellhase. The English translation of this interview below:

“Hello, my name is Daniel Schellhase, the FIFA World’s champion. I played FIFA 08 game here at Games Convention 2007 and I think the game is very realistic and has a better gameplay. In FIFA 08, you can move your goalkeeper, lead your team and change your tactic and strategy and so on … it is a little bit like Pro Evolution Soccer but I think it is not bad at all.”


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