Interview with FIFA Fans at Games Convention 2007

We had a chance to interview some FIFA & PES fans at Games Convention 2007, and ask them how they do or do not like FIFA and FIFA Manager video-games!

Below you can find their comments and feedback for FIFA game.

Commentary; Always the Same
A FIFA fan, who has played FIFA 08 in Leipzig Games Conventions, commented: “I’m play FIFA regularly, and I have played FIFA 08 here in Games Convention 07 and I noticed that the sound, tone and crowd sound have been improved as well as the graphic, but the commentary is almost the same as FIFA 07.”

FIFA Manager 08 is Great!
“I am a fan of FM since 2002, I think FIFA Manager 08 is great. FM 07 Extra-Time was better than FM 07. FM 08 is even better. What I like in this game is the youth team. Also, the dark colours and its interface are good. There are also numerous good features in the game. Overall, I believe FIFA Manager 08 is perfect.”

No Improvement in Gameplay
“I am a FIFA player since FIFA 2004. I have played FIFA 08 here at GC 07 and I noticed that the gameplay has not been improved but I have to say FIFA 07 was quite good.”

FIFA; Better than PES as Always
“I believe FIFA is better than PES, because the players in FIFA have real names. For example when you play with German national team in PES, Miroslav Klose called Klooso! Which is dumb! But some people say the gameplay of Pro Evolution Soccer is better, but FIFA has better graphics and uses the real names.”

PES is More Realistic than FIFA
“I started playing FIFA first, but after a while I started playing PES and I realised that PES is better than FIFA because its gameplay is more realistic. In terms of graphics and players, FIFA is probably better. The animation of Pro Evo Soccer is way better, that is why the I prefer PES.”

PES; the Best!
“I play Pro Evolution Soccer professionally, I would say. And in my opinion, PES is the best football game in compare to FIFA, because playing PES is diversify, and the PES is much more realistic than FIFA. PES gameplay gives you more freedom .”


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