How to Get Icons in FIFA 19 Ultimate Team

FIFA 19 How to Get Icons

Icons are special rare Player Cards in FUT based on iconic legendary footballers from years gone by. Icon players are good players with high performance on the pitch and they are costly. Having Icons in your team will help your club to be stronger.

Getting Icon players in FUT is not easy. There is a few methods and techniques that you can gain Icon items in FIFA 19, which we are going to review here:

Playing Squad Building Challneges

As a game mode in FUT 19, Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is a good way to earn special player items including Icons. There is a special SBC category as ICONS which offers you SBCs with Icon players as completion rewards.

Icons in FUT 19 SBCs

Playing Icons SBCs are not easy, but by playing them you can earn Icons. Just give a try and solve the Icons SBCs to complete them.

Buying Icons from the Transfer Market

Like the other special items, Icons are quite costly. The Transfer Market gives you the opportunity to bid for the Icon player items which are up to sale there.

If you have enough coins to afford them, you should buy them. The cheapest Icon price is roughly 350,000 coins (Jay-Jay Okocha). The most expensive Icon player is about 6,000,000 coins (Ronaldo).

Opening FUT Packs

Any FUT packs containing Gold and rare items could have an Icon item in in. But, keep this in mind that Icons possibility in packs is very very rare.

Try to gain packs as rewards, or just buy them from the Store so you can increase your chance to claim an Icon.

Other Methods

Being active in FUT 19 and in the community might also give you opportunity to earn special FUT items including the Icons. Following EA Sports FIFA on Twitter will help you to stay up-to-dated on the new offers and possible free rewards such as FUT Champions Live Viewership Rewards on Twitch which sometimes features Icon players.

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