How to Earn Coins Using FIFA 18 Web App

Earn Coins on FUT 18 Web App

FIFA 18 Web App releases on September 21st, before you start using it, we want to review the opportunities that could help you to earn coins using the web app for your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team account.

Free Gifts & Starter Packs

Don’t forget that depending on your previous account activities, you will get some starter packs and free gifts from EA once you login to the FUT 18 Web App for the first time. Plus, there are free daily gifts offered in the first days of the app launch, so do login everyday to the web app and redeem your free daily gifts.

FUT 18 Web App Starter Packs could contain rare and even inform player items, so if you are lucky enough to pull out a rare or an inform player(s) from your starter packs, you could have a great season debut by trading your rare player(s) and earn FIFA coins.

Trading Tips

Wether you have rare or non-rare players you still can make coins by trading on the Transfer Market. We have listed some tips and strategies that will guide you to trade and make coins from the market:

  • Buy valuable low priced Gold cards – Set your the Transfer Market filters to Gold quality and your max price between 350 and 450, then start searching. Any players you see as the result which are from big leagues (such as LaLiga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Calcio etc.) with good stats like high SHO, PAC, PAS etc. worth buying it. Try to bid for the valuable cards you see, if you see their Quick Sell prices are low, just hit the BUY NOW button. You can also do the same for Silver quality players and set your max price to 300 to 350. Keep in mind that player stats are important, also, some big clubs such as Bayern may have Silver players so they are worth to buy.
  • 59th Minute Method – This an old method which help you to win valuable cards with lower price. Set your filters on your targeted players from big clubs/leagues, set your max price filter to a price slightly lower than their current price in the market. When the result is pulled out, go to the last pages where the founded cards have over 59 minutes time remaining. Bid those cards with lower prices or just buy now them if their BUY NOW prices are cheaper than their current market price.
  • Investment – Go to the Transfer Market and look for the valuable items (players, consumables, club items, managers etc.) from the valuable leagues and clubs. You might find the items like badges, kits and managers from the big clubs offered with low prices. Most likely, these items become more valuable in the future, this means buying and keeping them will help you to sell them with higher price in near future.

Squad Building Challenges

Using the Web App you can play SBCs. Completing Squad Building Challenges will earn you rewards which could be packs, rare players and coins. So, go ahead and play SBCs on the web app.


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