FIFA 16 Ultimate Team – Team of the Week Kit

FUT 16 Team of the Week Kit

As clubs change the design of their kits before the start of new seasons, EA Sports also designed new kits for the FUT 16 Team of the Week.

The new FUT 16 TOTW kit has color schemes for home and away kits, plus goalkeeper’s. These kits will be used for TOTW teams in FUT 16 single player mode. Below you can see the new FUT 16 Team of the Week kit designs:

Home and Away Kits

FUT 16 Team of the Week Kits

The new TOTW home kit incorporates two very subtle shades of black. The color yellow highlights the cuff of the sleeve, v-neck, and shorts opening. Meanwhile, the focus of the TOTW away kit is the multiple-circle pattern around the chest. Building on that, it also features black and yellow striped cuffs and shorts opening, topped off with a solid black neckline.

Goalkeeper Kits

FUT 16 Team of the Week Kits

In designing the goalkeeper kits, the designer’s choice for TOTW follows the real-world trend of ensuring the keeper stands out the most on the pitch. The primary goalkeeper kit is pink with a wave pattern throughout. As for the secondary kit, it is turquoise, featuring a polygonal pattern.

Who Designed It?

Emilio Sansolini

Emilio Sansolini is the kit designer for FUT 16 Team of the Week. Emilio is a 30-year-old professional graphic designer from Argentina living in Gibraltar. He is in fact a FIFA fan. He usually does design for NBA and football advertisements. His designs were so impressive that members of the EA Sports FIFA team asked him to the design for FUT 16 kits.

See Emilio’s portfolio at Behance.

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