How to Increase Your Chance to Get In-Form Players in FIFA 15

FIFA Ultimate Team In-Form Player Cards

How can I get In-form players for free? Is there a way to win IF players from FIFA Ultimate Team packs?
The answer to above questions is, it depends how lucky you are. In fact, there is no guarantee to get an IF player from the packs in FUT 15. You just need to get lucky in packs.

In this article, I’m reviewing the methods which could increase your luck to get in-form player cards and rare items from FIFA 15 Ultimate Team packs opening. These methods could (reportedly) increase your chance to win IF player cards, but again, it is not guaranteed.

Back-to-Back Pack Opening

Opening a few FUT packs one after another in time could increase your chance to get IF players and/or better items such as rare players, extra coin redeems or even extra gold packs.

I personally have tried this method and I must say it worked most of the times. It doesn’t matter if you buy multiple packs or you win them by playing FUT tournaments or seasons. What important is, is to open them all back-to-back on the same day. I have FIFA 15 Ultimate Edition which comes with weekly free gold pack. So when there is a gold pack in My Packs in FUT Store, I won’t open it unless I have 2 or 3 more packs there. If there is no more pack, I keep it until I get more.

Open Packs in the Right Time

What time is good to open the packs? Which day should I open my packs to get IF players?
Well, whenever there are good in-form players available in FUT, you have the chance to get them from the packs. Regularly, every Wednesday from 6pm UK time Team of the Week (TOTW) is available, so you have the chance to be lucky to win them by opening packs on every Wednesday from 6pm UK onwards. But I suggest you to avoid buying/openning packs on Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm (UK time), because it’s just the TOTW announcement time so you might miss the chance to get any IF player card in packs at all.

Whenever Man of the Matches (MOTM) and Team of the Year (TOTY) are available is good time to get IF player cards too. Usually, MOTM players are available after or on real-life matchdays such as Premier League’s, Bundesliga’s, Spanish League’s, UEFA Champions League’s etc.
Follow the MOTM cards announcements on weekends, tuesdays, wednesdays and whenever there are real-life matches. Team of the Year is also available once a year – Usually in early January every year.

FIFA 15 Pack

Buy Rare Player Packs

Rare player packs availability is occasional and they are not cheap. As they are called, they only include rare players. This means by opening them you have more chance to get IFs. Don’t forget to open them in the right time (as mentioned above) when you’re buying them.

Packs with More Rare Items

The more rare items you go for, the more chance you get to win an IF. Some packs like Jumbos and Premiums have more than 3 Rares in them.

Things to Consider

Packs with untradeable items
Keep in mind that the packs as some tournaments/divisions awards could be not tradeable. Occasional single/online tournaments with Professional difficulty are usually rewarded with untradeable packs. Winning untradeable In-form cards is good but definitely not as fun as when they are tradeable.

Spending coins or FIFA points on packs?
Spending FIFA points means you are paying by real money while to gain coins you only need to play the game. The thing with spending FIFA coins to open packs in FUT, is that you subtract your transfer profit with the price of the pack you paid (Your transfer profit can be seen at FUT > My Club > Leaderboards). For example, if your current transfer profit is 100,000 and you buy a pack with the price of 35,000 coins, your transfer profit will be 65,000.

Should I buy FIFA coins for real money to buy packs?
It’s up to you – But I wouldn’t suggest it as it is against EA Terms of Serive and it could put your origin account at risk. For more info, read this article:

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  1. I will try. But i need free coins to improve my team. Si, is there someone help me please?

  2. I dont think that you should buy packs to get IF players……..just make like 40k coins then go to the transfer market and set max. buy now to 40k and min. buy now 40500 and set the level to gold and i am sure that you will get an IF player. I just got a purple ashley young for 20k.

  3. everything depends on your luck and EA. I got just once an inform player in y life and it was in my weekly pack with just 1 rare

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