Cheating in FIFA 15 – An Important Notice

FIFA Cheating

In an important notice, EA Sports has explained how cheating in FIFA and especially in FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, will affect the game and put cheater’s account at risk.

According to EA, FIFA cheaters disrupt the gameplay experience and enjoyment in a number of ways. These include things like overloading servers, phishing and compromising other player accounts, and participating in the unauthorized exchange of FIFA coins.

We encourage all FIFA gamers to read this article and pay attention to it – This notice is available here: Showing the Cheaters Red Card.

Here is the summary of what EA want all FIFA gamers to know:

– FUT coin-farming bots generate four times as many Transfer Market searches than all human FUT players combined, which means EA servers become busier and it could cause FIFA server down.

FUT Coin Selling Ban Process

– Coin buying and selling are illegal and accounts of FIFA coin buyers and sellers will go through a ban process which starts with an educative warning and could finish up with banning their accounts for all EA games.

– Promotion of buying coins is also against EA terms of service. If you see a video promoting coin-selling you can report it to: [email protected] along with the gamer’s Xbox/PSN gamertag or Origin ID so they can investigate it.

– EA is also looking into taking action against PC Match Cheating issue (A method that cheaters use to record false match results in FUT on PC), Pro Clubs cheaters (Gamers who use exploits to boost the stats of their in-game avatars known as Online Virtual Pros) as well as FIFA Interactive World Cup cheaters.

Make sure you read the article Showing the Cheaters Red Card – You can also share it using this short url:

FUT fan-site Futhead also have interviewed FIFA Ultimate Team producer Marcel Kuhn regarding this topic. Marcel’s answers also express more details on this issue. Read the interview at

EA says they will be more proactive in upholding their Terms of Service and banning those who violate EA Terms of Service.

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