FIFA Mobile – VS Attack Divisions

VS Attack Divisions

There are divisional rankings in FIFA Mobile VS Attack Mode. Gaining fans by winning VS Attack matches will move you up throughout the division tiers. Losing too many matches will eventually demote you to a lower division.

Every week you will earn a reward based on the Division you have achieved. Climbing Divisions increases your Match and Weekly Rewards and gives you better offers in VS Attack Rewards. Here is the full list FIFA Mobile VS Attack Divisions:

Division Required Fans
Amateur III 0
Amateur II 40,000
Amateur I 100,000
Pro III 180,000
Pro II 260,000
Pro I 340,000
World Class III 420,000
World Class II 500,000
World Class I 600,000
Legendary III 700,000
Legendary II 800,000
Legendary I 900,000
FIFA Champion 1,000,000

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  1. The worst season in game vs attack ‍♂️Drop back game vs attack like the last season 20 19 18 him i love it a vs attack but that’s season is worst season and every one says it’s and my friends she’s Romve the game

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