FIFA Mobile UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile UEFA Champions League event is available from 3rd to 7th October 2019. To play this event, you need to reach account level 3 and VSA Amateur III.

Play the UEFA Champions League event, form a team, climb the leaderboard, and receive exclusive UCL prizes.

  • Event Type: Matchups
  • Event Duration: October 3rd to October 7th (5 days)
  • Event Energy Type: Group Stage Energy (Refreshes 1 energy every 1 hour)
  • Match Cost: 2 Group Stage Energy
  • Unlock: You need to reach account level 3 and VSA Amateur III

You must choose a side to begin this event. It’s important to understand that after you’ve chosen a side, you can’t change your mind. Then go ahead and put together a team for this tournament. When playing matches, using Alliance Players will give you a larger Score Bonus. Play VSA-style matches to gain points for the Group Stage, Alliance, and Champions Pass.

Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards. You’ll compete for prizes on two different Leaderboards: your Alliance Leaderboard (A or B) and the Global Leaderboard. Then, depending on where you place in both your Alliance and the Global Leaderboard, you’ll be rewarded. You can use your Champions Pass Score to collect more goodies in the Champions Pass Chapter.


FIFA Mobile UCL 2019-2020 event has two chapters:

Group Stages

In this chapter, you can play matches. The Champions Pass Chapter is a new feature to the UEFA Champions League, in which you can earn prizes by meeting certain scoring requirements.

To begin, you must choose a side. You’ll have to select between Alliances A and B. The following are the matchups: Alliance A is the squad on the left, and Alliance B is the team on the right):

  • Tottenham vs Bayern Munich
  • Barcelona vs Slavia Prague
  • Dinamo Zagreb vs Manchester City
  • Lille vs Valencia
  • Napoli vs Red Bull Salzburg

Once you’ve chosen an Alliance, you’ll play in VSA matches on both the Alliance and Global Leaderboards. You can get one of three types of scores (Win, Lose, or Draw) by participating in a VSA match:

  • Group Stage Score
  • Alliance A or B Score
  • Champions Pass Score

These 3 Scores will track your progress in different areas.

  • Group Stage Score tracks your Global Leaderboard Progress
  • Alliance Score tracks where you are within your Alliance Leaderboard
  • Champions Pass Score allows you to claim various rewards in the Champions Pass chapter (More about this below)

You can increase your prizes from VSA matches by including Champions League Players (event players) in your team. The following are the bonuses:

UEFA Champions League FIFA Mobile Player Bonuses
Leaderboard Rewards

Here is the Global Leaderboard Rewards. These rewards are relative to every other user playing the event:

UEFA Champions League FIFA Mobile Player Bonuses

And the rewards for the Alliance Leaderboards:

UEFA Champions League FIFA Mobile Player Bonuses
Champions Pass

This is a new chapter for Champions League where you can earn Champions Pass Score, reach various thresholds, and claim prizes.

UEFA Champions League


Here is the complete of UEFA Champions Leagues event in FIFA Mobile:

UEFA Champions League Players - FIFA Mobile

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