FIFA Mobile – UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League event is available now in FIFA Mobile. By playing FIFA Mobile Champions League program you will be able to earn points and spend them to redeem unique UEFA Champions League players.

UEFA Champions League Points

Play Skill Game in Group Stage chapter and watch ads to earn UCL Points. You can use these points to purchase UEFA Champions League offers. Skill Games and Ads are being refreshed every day.

UCL Chapters

There are currently there event chapters under UEFA Champions League program:


Under the Main chapter you can earn points by playing Skill Games and watching Ads. There is also UCL offers to buy UEFA Champions League items such as unique UCL players. These Skill Games and Ads refresh daily.

There are also Weekly Matches to play, 8 matches against various teams from the Group Stage of UCL. By winning the Weekly Matches you can earn coins, Group Stage Points and some other items such as UEFA Europa League players.

Group Stage

In the Group Stage chapter you can spend your Group Stage Points to claim Champions League players. The best rewards of the Group Stage are from the Featured Match. Matches will feature one team each day, for rewards specific to that team.

The featured match has multiple Tiers. By competing multiple paths you will increase Tier and will be able to earn more rewards.

To start this chapter, you will need to spend 1 Group Stage Point to unlock it. Then, you can choose your path and then choose which Groups path you want to go to.

Round of 16

The Round of 16 chapter will be available in February 2019. This chapter will feature Round of 16 Points, which means that the Group Stage Points will not carry forward into the Round of 16 chapter. So try to spend your Group Stage Points in Group Stage chapter.

More chapters such as Quarter Finals will be added to the UEFA Champions League event later in 2019.

UCL Players

  • ST: Griezmann (89)
  • CB: Hummels (89)
  • GK: Ter Stegen (89)
  • CAM: Dybala (89)
  • CB: Chiellini (89)
  • CAM: David Silva (89)
  • ST: Aguero (89)
  • ST: Cavani (89)
  • CAM: Isco (89)
  • ST: Kane (89)
  • CAM: Rodríguez (88)
  • CDM: Sergio Busquets (88)
  • LW: Coutinho (88)
  • GK: Handaovič (88)
  • LW: Salah (88)
  • CM: Pogba (88)
  • LW: Insigne (88)
  • CB: Thiago Silva (88)
  • GK: Buffon (88)
  • CDM: Casemiro (88)

Limited Time Packs

UEFA Champions League special pack and bundle are available in the Store during this event for a limited time:


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