FIFA Mobile – Team of the Year (TOTY)


FIFA Mobile Team of the Year event is available from 25th of January to 11th of February 2021 in FIFA Mobile game app.

  • Event Duration: 25 January to 11 February 2021 (17 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 5 TOTY Energy per ad
  • Coin Packs: 8 Weekly Coin Packs that give 10 TOTY Energy for 10,000 coins
  • Daily Claim: 5 TOTY Tickets
  • Energy: TOTY Energy refreshes 1 every 30 minutes with a max of 36

Play skill games to earn TOTY Points and play daily challenge matches for TOTY Tickets. Complete Daily Quests for TOTY Score, which earns you TOTY Points, TOTY Tickets, and other rewards in the TOTY Pass. Use TOTY Points towards Nominee Players, which earns you TOTY Starter Tokens. Use Starter Tokens towards Starter Players, which earns you UTOTY Tokens. Convert UTOTY Tokens to UTOTY Points, which can be used for UTOTY Players.

Use TOTY Energy in the TOTY chapter to play Skill Games and earn Position Points (Attacker Points, Midfielder Points, Defender Points). You can also earn more TOTY Energy from Match of the Day Challenge Matches and the special offers there.

Schedule and Dates

Here are the release dates for TOTY players and contents – All dates are set for 7pm UTC time.

  • TOTY Attackers (ATK) opens at launch, Jan 25th
  • TOTY Midfielders (MID) opens on Jan 27th
  • TOTY Defenders (DEF) opens on Jan 29th
  • UTOTY opens on Jan 29th


Play Skill Games for various TOTY Points. Each TOTY Point has an associated position: Attacker, Midfielder, and Defender. TOTY Points can only be used towards its corresponding position, so choose your skill game wisely! Attacker Skill Games are available immediately, but Midfielder and Defender Skill Games will unlock when their chapters open.

Skill Game Type Cost Win Reward Loss Rewards
ATK Skill Game 6 TOTY Energy 20 ATK TOTY Points 6 TOTY Energy
MID Skill Game 6 TOTY Energy 20 MID TOTY Points 6 TOTY Energy
DEF Skill Game 6 TOTY Energy 20 DEF TOTY Points 6 TOTY Energy

Play Daily Matches for TOTY Tickets. Each Match can only be completed once per day.

Daily Challenge Match Cost Win Reward Silver Match
5 Base Energy 5 TOTY Tickets Gold Match 5 Base Energy
10 TOTY Tickets Elite Match 5 Base Energy 15 TOTY Tickets

Trade in your TOTY Tickets from the Matches, Daily Claim, and Daily Quests for the TOTY Points of your choice. 45 TOTY Tickets gets you 50 TOTY Points.


Complete Daily Quests during TOTY to earn TOTY Score and TOTY Tickets. Your TOTY Score earns you rewards as you progress through the TOTY Pass.

Daily Quests Reward
Login Daily 10 TOTY Score
Score 25 goals anywhere 15 TOTY Score
Play 3 TOTY Skill Games 20 TOTY Score
Play 1 TOTY Match 25 TOTY Score
Win 2 VSA/H2H Matches 30 TOTY Score
Complete all the Quests 50 TOTY Score + 10 TOTY Tickets

Position Chapters

Use your TOTY Points towards rewards and TOTY Nominee Players along the path. Choose between the Attacker, Midfielder, or Defender chapters. Each type of TOTY Point (ATK/MID/DEF) can only be used in its respective chapter. For example, TOTY ATK Points can only be used in the Attacker Chapter.

Claiming a TOTY Nominee Player also earns you Starter Tokens, which are used towards TOTY Starter Players. Like the TOTY Points system, Starter Tokens can only be used towards its corresponding position (ATK Starter Tokens for Attacker Starters).

TOTY Starter Position Cost (varies by player) UTOTY Tokens Reward
ATK 175-200 ATK Starter Tokens 170-200 UTOTY Tokens
MID TBA on Jan 27th TBA on Jan 27th
DEF TBA on Jan 29th TBA on Jan 29th


Use your UTOTY Tokens in the Trade Offer for guaranteed UTOTY Points and extra rewards.

Unlock UTOTY Players by claiming all the TOTY Starters from their respective position (3 ATK TOTY Starters opens up the ATK UTOTY Starters). Then, use your UTOTY Points towards the Player of your choice. UTOTY Tokens can also be used towards extra TOTY Nominees.

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  1. I really like the events but I would also appreciate if you guys made more matches on the events like the fifa mobile last year and not like this campaign from this year. Also including some sort of games that give you a little bit of money on it than just 3000 or less.

    THANKS !!!!!

  2. You get the refresh of the weakest attacker from the list and If you refresh again you’ll get the same attacker you had first. Happened to me and I wasted 5500 diamond between suarez and levandowski

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