FIFA Mobile – The Emirates FA Cup

FIFA Mobile The Emirates Cup Event

The Emirates FA Cup event is available in FIFA Mobile 20 game app from 22 June to 2 July 2020. Here we have the full details.

  • Duration: 10 Days – June 22nd – July 2nd
  • Ads: 3 ads daily (3 FA Cup Energy per ad watching)d
  • Coin Packs: 5 Weekly Coin Packs that give 15 FA Cup Energy for 200,000 coins
  • Daily Login: 50 Match Points, 15 Football Tokens, 30 Score Tickets
  • Energy: FA Cup Energy refreshes 1 per hour with a max of 24 FA Cup Energy

This event is divided into two chapters: Main and VS Attack. There are various win/draw/loss awards in both of these Chapters. To proceed along the virtual pitch, win matches to gain Match Points and Football Tokens. A Score Ticket is earned every time you score a goal. You can redeem awards and The Emirates FA Cup Players in the Center and Side Reward Paths by spending your Match Points and Score Tickets. You can also earn extra rewards by completing daily goals and winning streaks. You can use your Football Points to buy rewards in the Trade Shop. Best of luck!

Main & VS Attack Chapters

To begin, you can play Skill Games and Matches in the Main Chapter of this event. After you finish the initial node in the middle of the pitch, three more nodes will appear for you to play. Earn Match Points and Football Tokens by finishing these matches.

You’ll then be taken to the Offensive Third area, where you can choose a node in the Take a Shot section and try to score. The angle from which you shot determines your chances of scoring. Only in the offensive third can you take a shot. When you score a goal, you’ll get Score Tickets and the campaign will restart from the beginning. If you miss your shot three times in a row, you will score on your fourth try.

You will advance 1 node if you lose a match. If you lose a match in the Offensive Third, for example, you will be relegated to the Midfield Third. If you lose numerous games in a row, you may find yourself in the Defensive Third. If you lose there, the Chapter will reset to the beginning.

Take notice that after scoring a goal in the Main Chapter’s Take a Shot, the “VS Attack” Chapter will be unlocked. The maximum team OVR for VS Attack chapter games is 130.

Event Currencies

Here is the list of currencies used in this event for purchasing/redeeming rewards:

Match Points

Playing VS Attack, Skill Games, and Matches will win you this item. It’s possible to spend it on the Main Reward Path.

Football Tokens

Playing VS Attack in any part of the pitch or winning a match in the Offensive Third will earn you this achievement. It’s possible to use it at the Trade Shop.

Score Tickets

Score a Goal in the Main Chapters to earn these tickets. Spend Score Tickets on the Side Reward Path to get Special Emirates FA Cup Players.


Check out the milestones in The Emirates FA Cup event:

The Emirates Cup Milestones

Squad Building Challenges

Available SBCs during the FA Cup event in FIFA Mobile:

The Emirates Cup SBC

Trade Shop

By using your Football Tokens in this shop, you can get The Emirates FA Cup Players, Skill Boosts, Coins, Training XP, and even a Hazard Key. Collect the Top 3 rewards to refresh the Trade Shop with new rewards. There are 3 unique reward tables to complete, including a final generic one with currencies.

Here is the list of Player Rewards in the Trade Shop:

  • LB: Erik Pieters (93)
  • CM: Harry Arter (90)
  • GK: Tomáš Holý (89)

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