FIFA Mobile – Skill Games

Skill Moves in FIFA Mobile

Skill Games are a game mode in FIFA Mode where you can play training drills to complete event chapters and earn rewards. To play skill games you need to spend Stamina. Depending on the event, playing a skill game can cost from 1 to 10 stamina.

Here is the list of FIFA Mobile Skill Games:

  • Dribble: Avoid Opponents
  • Dribble: Collectables
  • Dribble: Cones and Cutouts
  • Dribble: Cutout Race
  • Dribble: Gates
  • Dribble: Opponent Race
  • Dribble: Simple Course
  • Freekick: Blocket Net
  • Freekick: Box Shapes
  • Freekick: Box Wall
  • Freekick: Targets and Cutouts
  • Freekick: Wall and Goalkeeper
  • Freekick: Wall and Targets
  • Penalty: Boom Box
  • Penalty: Box Wall
  • Penalty: Single Target
  • Penalty: Targets and Cutouts
  • Pass and Go
  • Passing: 2 on 1
  • Passing: Through Gate
  • Passing: Triangle
  • Shooting: 1 on 1
  • Shooting: Layoff Passes
  • Shooting: Scenarios
  • Special: Bowling
  • Special: Pinball

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  1. Dribble gates on expert are literally AIDS. Virtual stick has your guy running in circles. Doing it with Coutinho even. Spent 100 energy and can’t progress past 1st step in French League..

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