FIFA Mobile Kit Locker

Kit Locker FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile Kit Locker event allows you to earn a kit from your favourite club. If you’re looking for a specific kit for your team, this event will help you to earn it.

To earn your favourite club’ kit in FIFA Mobile, you need to have 11 players from the same club (your favourite club) on your active lineup. Then go to the Kit Locker event and redeem it.

If your team doesn’t have 11 players from the same club yet, you can tap ob “Go To My Team” button in Kit Locker event and reform your team there. Don’t forget that the team with players from the same club should be set as your Active team.

After that, come back to the Kit Locker event to win matches and claim the kit from the matching club.

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  1. Galatasaray kit requires minimum 81 Ovr but only 2 players are over 80 in team otherwise i get it from the other way i mean squad builder with random league players instead of kit but i have 5 different teams kits.. Is there any possibility thet hit me another kit which i have already yet i don’t wanna same kits and im ton try even if it requires 18 times

  2. Is it possible to get the kits from teams that don’t have 11 players? For example, there are only 8 Boyacá Chicó players in the mobile version of the game…

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