FIFA Mobile Gullit

FIFA Mobile Gullit

FIFA Mobile Gullit program is live from 9 February 2021. Play the Gullit event in FIFA Mobile, celebrate the career of Ruud Gullit and win awards and Gullit special player cards.

Gullit program is a season-long campaign in FIFA Mobile. By playing this campaign you can complete milestones, recreate famous matches, and learn about the Dutchman’s legendary career, while you work towards claiming a 101 OVR Prime Icon Gullit.

  • Duration: Permanent
  • Energy: Base stamina only
  • Event Duration: All season

Complete Milestones to earn a 101 OVR Prime Icon Gullit. Play through Matches in the Era Chapters to earn rewards, including Event Icons and choose between 7 different positions for your Prime Icon Gullit.


The goal here is simple: complete all the Milestones to earn your very own Prime Icon Gullit. Some of you may find you’ve already completed a few Milestones, like Academy Graduate or Triple Digits. However, others like Goal-liath or Management Material only start tracking once the Gullit event begins.

Here is the list of Milestones in Gullit program:

Milestone Requirements
Academy Graduate Complete Academy
Seasoned Athlete Claim a Legends Player from Seasons Mode
Goal-liath Score 10,000 Goals*
FIFA Masters Reach FIFA Masters in Division Rivals for VSA or H2H
League Legend Win 50 League Tournaments**
Rising Star Reach Account Level 50
Legendary Career Complete all 3 Era Chapters of Gullit
Triple Digits Build a 125 OVR Team
Management Material Spend 3 million Training XP on Players**

*Only goals from Ranked VSA/H2H, Matches, and League Tournaments count towards this milestone. The goal tracker starts from when the Gullit event begins.

**Tracking starts from when the Gullit event begins.

Era Chapters

Play Matches and Skill Games from Gullit’s career, from his time in the Eredivisie and with the Dutch National Team to his stints in Serie A and the Premier League. Earn various rewards as you complete the path, including custom Gullit Event Players and Event Icons

Each Era Chapter has different OVR and lineup requirements that you must fulfill before playing the match. For example, the final match from the Mid Era Chapter requires a minimum 90 OVR lineup with 11 Serie A Players.

Take note that every Match situation will have Extra Time & Penalties as the tiebreaker.

There are also 3 compulsory SBCs at the end of the Late Era Chapter, where you can trade-in the lineups you used to complete the previous matches.

Lineup Requirement Min OVR
8 Dutch Nationality Players 80 OVR
11 Serie A Players 80 OVR
11 Chelsea Players 80 OVR

Total Footballer

Once you have completed all Era Chapters and all the Milestones, come here to claim your 101 OVR Prime Icon Gullit. Since Gullit was such a versatile and complete player, it only felt right to give you the choice between 7 different positions.

You can choose the Prime Icon Gullit in the position (and Skill Boost) that best fits your squad.

  • ST (Finishing)
  • CF (Second Striker)
  • RW (Attacking)
  • CAM (Dribbling)
  • CM (Box-to-Box)
  • CDM (Long Passing)
  • CB (Marking)


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