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Bundesliga Rivals - FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile Bundesliga Rivals is available from 12th of March 2020 for 18 days. By playing this event you can redeem rewards such as coins and special Bundesliga Rival players.

  • Energy: Max 15 Bundesliga Energy that refreshes 1 per hour
  • Event Duration: 18 days (12 to 30 march)
  • Coin Packs: 5 Coin Packs that give 15 Bundesliga Energy for 150K coins every week
  • Ads: 3 ads per day that give 3 Bundesliga Energy per Ad
  • Currency: Bundesliga Energy and Bundesliga Points

In Bundesliga Rivals event, play Skill Games and Matches and earn Bundesliga Points. Spend Bundesliga Points to earn resources and players in the various Rival Matchups. Claim Bundesliga Rivalry players from the Rival Matchups and earn an extra 94 OVR Bundesliga Milestone Player. Below are the details of this event chapters:


In this chapter, you can use your Bundesliga Energy to play a series of Skill Games and then pick between two matches to play. The more challenging of the two matches may give a player reward! After playing the match, the series resets to play through again.


There are 5 Rivalries in total; the Rheinderby, the Revierderby, the Frankenderby, the Nordderby and the Berliner Derby. Each one unlocks on different days, some of them on match day between the participating clubs!

Rivalry Unlock Date (UTC)
Rheinderby 12 March 2020 (7pm)
Revierderby 13 March 2020 (7pm)
Frankenderby 16 March 2020 (7pm)
Nordderby 18 March 2020 (7pm)
Berliner Derby 20 March 2020 (7pm)

Each derby is split into 2 halves. For example in the first rivalry to be available, the Rheinderby, you would start in the center and go left for Borussia M’Gladbach or go right for 1. FC Köln. Each side has optional paths to resources or players representing the club. If you fully complete a path (by claiming at least one of the “END OF PATH” resource rewards) and claim all players associated with a single club, you will unlock a final match to play against the rival club! To play the match, it requires an active lineup with 11 players from the club you are representing to play against that club’s rival! Winning the match rewards you with the highest OVR player for the club you were representing.

Bundesliga Milestone Masters

After participating and earning players in the Rivalries, claiming 8 Bundesliga Rivals players from any of the Rivalry Clubs unlocks an extra Bundesliga Milestone Master player. Claim 20 Bundesliga Rivals players from the Rivalries to earn Prime Icon, Jens Lehmann.

Player Rewards

All players on the path for the Rivalries will be not auctionable until a Content Update on either April 1st or later – after the event is over. The Bundesliga Milestone Masters and the Rivalry Match Player rewards are auctionable immediately.

Bundesliga Rivals Rheinderby
Bundesliga Rivals Revierderby
Bundesliga Rivals Frankenderby
Bundesliga Rivals Nordderby
Berliner Derby
Bundesliga Rivals Berliner Derby
Prime Icon & Bundesliga Milestone Masters
Bundesliga Rivals Prime Icons
Challenge Match Possible Players
Bundesliga Rivals Prime Challenge

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  1. Where can you see how many points you have accumulated in this? I don’t see a running total like the champions match event when you click on week 1 it shows you how many tokens you have to spend.

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