FIFA Mobile Beckham

FIFA Mobile Beckham

David Beckham program is now available in FIFA Mobile. Play the Beckham program and add the English midfielder Icon card to your FIFA Mobile club. Win matches from David Beckham’s career to redeem an untradeable 87 OVR Base Icon David Beckham. Complete weekly objectives to earn Beckham Training XP, level up your Beckham, and eventually redeem the Beckham Prime Icon.

  • Event Duration: All season
  • Ads: 2 ads daily giving 10 Beckham Points per ad
  • Energy: Base stamina only

To unlock this program you need a team with OVR of 85. Play and win matches in the Career I chapter to earn your 87 OVR Base Icon Beckham. Win matches in Beckham Career Chapters to earn Beckham Points and Beckham Training XP. Complete weekly objectives to earn Beckham Training XP, which is used towards levelling up your Beckham Player. Use Beckham Points to redeem more rewards.

Career Chapters (I to IV)

In the career chapters, you need to play matches from to progress. Complete Career I – Youth Era to earn your 87 OVR Base Icon Beckham. All matches use Base Stamina. Each Career Chapter has different squad requirements in order to play. Here is the list of squad requirements for each Career chapter:

Career Chapter Squad Requirements
Career I – Youth Era 85 OVR Active Lineup
Career II – Premier League 90 OVR Active Lineup + Base Icon Beckham in Active Lineup
Career III – LaLiga Santander 95 OVR Active Lineup + Event Icon Beckham in Active Lineup
Career IV – Late Era Prime Icon Beckham in Active Lineup


Once you completed the Career I chapter, select between RM or CM 87 OVR Base Icon Beckham. Make your choice carefully, because you won’t be able to switch positions until you upgrade to Event or Prime Icon.

Weekly Quests

Complete weekly quests to earn Beckham Points and Beckham Training XP. These quests only appear after you claim your Base Icon Beckham. Quests range from scoring goals with Beckham in your lineup, to more generic objectives like training other lineup players.

How to Level up your Beckham

Use your redeemed Beckham Training XP to upgrade your Beckham Icon. Regular Training XP cannot be used to level up Beckham, only Beckham Training XP – Coin training costs still apply. Here are the number of Training XP needed and their coin costs:

OVR Beckham Training XP Needed Coin Cost
88 10 Beckham TXP 275,000
89 15 Beckham TXP 315,000
90 20 Beckham TXP 350,000
91 25 Beckham TXP 610,000
92 30 Beckham TXP 700,000
93 35 Beckham TXP 790,000
94 40 Beckham TXP 900,000
95 50 Beckham TXP 1,000,000
96 75 Beckham TXP 1,150,000
97 100 Beckham TXP 1,300,000
98 125 Beckham TXP 1,430,000
99 150 Beckham TXP 1,600,000
100 175 Beckham TXP 1,800,000

How to Upgrade to Event Icon and Prime Icon Beckham

When you have levelled up your Base Icon Beckham to 95 OVR, you can trade him in for a 95 OVR Event Icon Beckham. Include him in the Trade-In SBC to receive a Choice Point, which is used to redeem the new Event Icon Beckham. This same process works for the Prime Icon upgrade. Below is how to claim:

Icon Beckham How to Claim
87 OVR Base Icon Complete Career Chapter I
95 OVR Event Icon Complete Career Chapter II + Trade in 95 OVR Base Icon Beckham
100 OVR Prime Icon Complete Career Chapter III + Trade in 100 OVR Event Icon Beckham

Beckham’s position (RM or CM) does not matter when trading him in. For example, you can claim the RM Base Icon Beckham, but then trade him in for a CM Event Icon Beckham.

Beckham Offers

Use your Beckham Points here to earn Beckham Event Players, Coins, Skill Boosts, Base Training XP, and Beckham Training XP. Each reward is only claimable once. Different rewards are available here based on what type of Icon Beckham you currently have.


You can also claim other players by playing Beckham program in FIFA Mobile. Check out the complete list of FIFA Mobile Beckham program players to the see the complete list.

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11 thoughts on “FIFA Mobile Beckham

  1. So I got the 87 ovr Beckham and got a better player to overtake the cm spot. Now, I’m trying to use that Beckham for career 2 but I can’t find him anywhere in any of my players. Can someone please help me?

  2. I have completed all the criteria to claim 95 OVR event icon Beckham but i still cannot unlock the prestige challenge to claim the event icon choice point. I have looked for many solutions to this problem, but none are available. In you tube, only the method to claim event icon Beckham is shown. So i need a solution to my problem stated above. I need a solution to hoe to unlock the prestige challenge option in the main chapter of Beckham. If anybody has a solution to this then please mail me at [email protected]

  3. I have completed career III and collected all training XP’s available. I have upgraded Beckham prime Icon up to 99 OVR and are missing 125 training XP’s to level up to 100 OVR. Where will I get the missing training XP’s from as I finished career path III? Do I miss something?

    Is collecting Beckham daily points (20/day) and use them for Beckham offers (100 / offer) and hope for winning training XPs the only way? (buy points and do hope the same way of course…)

    Any help welcomed.

    1. see some youtube videos, at first, I also didn’t know how to upgrade it, but after watching the video i was successfully able to claim 95 OVR Beckham.

      1. Go to the dashboard and complete the SBC challenges. (should be btw team of the week and adidas gmr). Don’t know why they cannot explain these things cearly tho. A lot of people hve the same issue,

    1. I also have the same question but almost all events upon ending have a timer showing when it is going to end but this still now hasn’t developed any timer so it is here for now at least don’t know abt the future

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