FIFA Mobile 19 – Preseason

FIFA Mobile Pre-season 2019

The final event of FIFA Mobile 19 is here. FIFA Mobile Preseason event is available from 22 August to 27 September 2019 and it helps you to be prepared for the new season of FIFA Mobile. FIFA Mobile Preseason 2019 features of over 120 new players and many rewards.


The Preseason event includes 5 chapters:

  • Login Calendar
  • Main
  • Transfer
  • Contracts (Opens on 29 Aug)
  • Training Camp (Opens 5 Sept)
Login Calendar

Login to FIFA Mobile everyday, go to this chapter and redeem your free rewards. There are also bonus rewards for logging in for 7, 15 and 27 days. Here is what you get from this chapter by logging in every day:

Date Reward Amount
22 Aug Coin 25,000
23 Aug Legendary SB 5
24 Aug Epic SB 20
25 Aug Rare SB 50
26 Aug Common SB 100
27 Aug 90+ Preseason Player 1
28 Aug Training XP 1,000,000
29 Aug Rank 1 Token 50
30 Aug Rank 2 Token 50
31 Aug Coin 250,000
1 Sept Legendary SB 5
2 Sept Epic SB 20
3 Sept Rare SB 50
4 Sept Common SB 100
5 Sept 90+ Preseason Player 1
6 Sept Coin 250,000
7 Sept Legendary SB 5
8 Sept Epic SB 20
9 Sept Rare SB 50
10 Sept Common SB 100
11 Sept Rank 1 Token 50
12 Sept Rank 2 Token 50
13 Sept Coin 250,000
14 Sept Legendary SB 5
15 Sept Epic SB 20
16 Sept Rare SB 50
17 Sept Common SB 100

If you login for 7, 15 and 27 days, you can will collect these bonus rewards:

Period Reward Amount
Login 7 Days 93+ OVR Preseason Player 1
Login 15 Days 96+ OVR Preseason Player 1
Login 27 Days Now & Later Points 10

In the main chapter you can earn the event currency. Main chapter’s events reset daily. This chapter has two event nodes:

  • VS Attack Node (limit 99 games per day)
  • Skill Game Node (limit 99 games per day)

All game nodes cost 2 stamina to play. You will get reward for your first win of each event. Subsequent VS Attack rewards will be determined based off Win/Loss/Draw.

FIFA Mobile

Each chapter also has 3 separate challenges associated with the chapter. Each challenge has a 1 win limit daily, the table below will show you what you get for successfully winning each challenge node. If you are able to complete the Extreme Challenge Node, this will unlock both the Easy and Hard nodes for the day, and you will get to claim those rewards without having to play those nodes.

Chapter Points refer to the chapters that the challenges represent. As stated above, there are Transfer, Contracts and Training Camp chapters, so if you do the Transfer challenges, you will receive Transfer points, whereas doing the Contracts challenges, will give Contract Points.

Here is the list of rewards for each node – Each node costs 5 Stamina to play, limited to 1 win daily:

Node Win Loss/Draw
Easy Challenge Node 2-4 Chapter Points
50 Gems
5 Stamina
Hard Challenge Node 5-7 Chapter Points
50 Gems
Skill Boost +26 (Only Transfer Chapter)
5 Stamina
Extreme Challenge Node 7-11 Chapter Points
50 Gems
5 Stamina

There is also an achievement that you can complete by having 3 Now & Later players. The rewards are as follows:

  • 20 Now and Later points, 1 User logo and +28 Skill Boost Unlock
Transfer Chapter

This chapter is the first preseason chapter to open. You will progress through 30 different nodes and an additional 7 bonus nodes for rewards. You need to spend Preseason Tickets to move between 1-5 spaces. You can also spend more Preseason Tickets to move a specific amount of spaces. When you land on a node, you have the option to purchase the reward offered in that node with Transfer Points. After going past node 30, you will be rewarded with 50,000 Coins and your progress will reset (as well as rewards which do not have a claim limit). If you are on node 29 and roll a 5, you will go back to the beginning and start over at node 4.

Here is the list of rewards you can get in this chapter:

FIFA Mobile

There are also 7 other nodes that have a claim limit of one during this event:

FIFA Mobile
Contracts (Opens on 29 August)

Contracts chapter will be opened from 29 August. Details will be available soon.

Training Camp (Opens on 9 September)

Training Camp chapter will be opened from 9 September. Details will be available soon.


Check out the 124 players available in Preseason chapter including 5 Now & Later players:

Preseason Players

Now and Later

There are 5 Now & Later Players that will allow you to play with their current version until the season ends, and then when the new season begins, you will be awarded with a version that has an OVR relative to the beginning of the new season. These players are:

  • Hazard (100)
  • Pulisic (99)
  • Hummels (99)
  • Herrera (99)
  • Felix (99)

Now and Later Points can be redeemed in FIFA Mobile 20 for some rewards that will help jumpstart your Ultimate Team there.


There are packs offers and packs in the Store during the Preseason event. Below is the list of these offers:

  • Now and Later Offer 1 – Price: $5.98
  • Now and Later Offer 2 – Price: $27.98
  • Now and Later Pack – Price: $67.98
  • Preseason Special – Price: $1.20
  • Preseason Offer – Price: $13.98

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