FIFA Mobile 17 – Leagues

FIFA Mobile Leagues

Leagues mode in FIFA Mobile allows you to create or join a league of users to interact, compete in bracket-style tournaments, and challenge other league members and other leagues to earn possible in-game rewards.

How Many Members a League Can Have?

A League in FIFA Mobile can contain a maximum of 32 members.

FIFA Mobile Leagues

How to Join a League?

To Join a League, got to Leagues menu, use the search function to see all the different Leagues with open spaces. You can narrow your search to certain categories if you are looking for something in particular – Eg. search for FIFPlay.

To join a League, you must first Apply to the league you want to join to. Tap the Apply button on the League tile to start the process. Once you do, the League Admin will receive your Application. You will receive a message if you have been accepted. Every player in FIFA Mobile can only be a member of one League and each can contain a maximum of 32 members.

How to Create a League?

You are able to create a League once you have reached Level 5. To do so, tap the Create League button. You can set everything from your League’s icon to the difficulty of intra-League play. You can edit all settings through your League settings. Creating a league costs you 5,000 coins.

How to Get More People to Join Your League?

League Admins can invite people to their League directly in-game. To do so, you can either go to your League Settings > Invite Members and search for users, or tap a user’s name wherever you see a user in FIFA Mobile (Eg. in Attack Mode), then tap the Invite button. You can also use the EA’s FIFA Mobile Forums to connect with other players. There you can post information about your league for others to join.

How to Play against other People?

You can play against the other league members in FIFA Mobile in the following competition formats:

  • Attack Mode – Playing against your League Members
  • Championship – Tournament mode with your League Members
  • Tournaments – Tournament mode with other Leagues
FIFA Mobile Leagues
Attack Mode

You can play against any League members by tapping on them and selecting Play button – The play style for this challenge mode is as same as the Attack Mode. You will be also able to review previous turns and track your record against them. These matches do not determine your internal League Leaderboard placement. The Championship mode will determine League Ranking.

To challenge a League member, tap on a member in the ranking list and tap teh PLAY button. Read more details in FIFA Mobile Manual (Leagues)


With the Championship mode in FIFA Mobile Leagues you can challenge other League members in bracket-style tournaments.

League Admins can start Championships as long as there isn’t a tournament being played. In addition to setting up which members can take part, they can decide how many turns each round lasts. Due to time limitations, if a match ends in a draw, the winner is always the person who scored the fastest first goal in that match.

Depending on the number of people playing or if someone fails to play their turns, it is possible to see certain people to earn a BYE into the next round. Try to encourage your fellow League members to play their matches.

To create a Championship tournament, tap on the Championship icon, there you can setup a bracket-style tournament. A help manual on League Championships is available at FIFA Mobile (League Championship) page.

FIFA Mobile Leagues Tournament
Tournaments (League vs League)

You can also play against other Leagues in a group challenge. Here, you and your League members work together to outscore your opposition in a 24-hour period. Your League’s Admins can decide how many members take part in these challenges which also determines the League you play against. In League vs League Tournaments, each person has three attempts to score as many goals as they can. You need to work together to beat your opposition, so it’s important that every plays their turn. A full guide on League Tournaments is available at

League Contributions

When you or any League member makes an in-app purchase, everyone will receive a gift. These gifts are considered contributions and you will earn a Badge. Below is the list of Badges you can get based on the number of your contributions:

  • BRONZE – 1-4 Contributions
  • SILVER – 5-9 Contributions
  • GOLD – 10-19 Contributions
  • ELITE – 20-49 Contributions
  • ULTIMATE – 50+ Contributions


The Leaderboards screen provides a way to view who is best within different areas – The top 250 ranked Leagues. You can sort the Leaderboard by Leaders (Attack Mode play), Most Fans, Highest Player Level and Team OVR.

Rewards & Achievements

Playing in a League also opens the possibility to earn certain in-game rewards. Use the tokens received in League vs League Tournaments to open League Packs. There are also League-specific achievements that reward you with certain in-game content. There are many prizes available to unlock, including some exclusive high-rated Players. Earning these rewards requires the help of the entire League. So, the more you play, the faster the prizes you can earn those items.

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