FIFA 23 Headliners

FUT Headliners

FIFA 23 Headliners event predicted to be available in FUT 23 in late December 2022. Headliners are player cards that dynamically update in an unique way, a special FUT card for players who have had a very good season so far.

At the launch of FUT Headliners event, each Headliners player item type is expected to be released at one in-form upgrade higher than their latest qualifying performance based in-form (TOTW, MOTM, Record Breaker or Team of the Group Stage item). When a FUT Headliners player earns a subsequent qualifying performance based in-form, their Headliners player item type will dynamically grow to be one in-form upgrade higher at all times. A such, The FUT Headliner upgrade will always stay one in-form ahead of the most recent qualifying performance based in-form throughout the remainder of the season.


The complete list of FIFA 23 Headliners for Team 1 and Team 2 to be available here.

Team 2
  • TBA

Team 1

Release date: 31 December

    To be available soon ...

The complete list of FUT Headliners players is also available at

Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

Below is the list of Squad Building Challenges for Headliners event:

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SBC Expiry Reward


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