FIFA 23 Future Stars

FUT 23 Future Stars

Future Stars events and players are available from from Friday, February 3, 2023 in FUT 23.

Future Stars is a FUT promotional event with a special Future Stars player item for players aged 23 and under who are not yet established stars but have potential future ratings.

Special player cards with increased ratings will be given to the Future Stars. These scores reflect where they could be if they reach their full potential. A squad of 21 Future Stars will be released in packs, for a limited time, with supercharged stats to help them compete with today’s FUT elite.

Future Stars Players

Future Stars Team 1 released on February 3 and is available in packs for one week. Future Stars Team 2 released on February 10th and to be available in FUT packs until February 17th. 

Future Stars Team 1
Team 1
Future Stars Team 2
Team 2
Objective & SBC Players

Future Stars Swaps

Future Stars Swaps begin today, and you can start working towards your rewards today before redeeming them in the SBC menu on Monday, February 6. You can earn up to 30 Future Star Swap Tokens every single day in-game from now until the promotional period ends on February 16th. By reading this message, We have earned our first Future Stars token.

Future Stars Swap Tokens can be found in select objectives such as First Owner, Fiesta, Silver Stars, and some Campaian objectives. They can also be found in select squad building challenges, such as puzzle challenge SBCs and marquee matchups. Plus, you’ll find some bonus tokens in the store during the campaign.

Redeem Future Stars Swaps tokens for the following rewards in Squad Building Challenges from Monday, February 6 until Monday, February 20:

  • 27 Tokens – Prime ICon PP IX3 options
  • 25 Tokens – 2 x 85+×10 Packs
  • 20 Tokens – Mid Icon – George Best
  • 15 Tokens – 85+ X 1U Pack
  • 15 Tokens – 87+ WW. Centurion or Future Stars Team 1 PP (X3 Options)
  • 10 Tokens – Player Moments Coutinho
  • 5 Tokens – Base Icon – Zola
  • 3 Tokens – Future Stars Team 1 Pack
  • 2 Tokens – 81 + x 11 Pack
Future Stars Swaps Tokens

Future Stars Swap Tokens revealed on 30 January in FUT. Here is the complete list:

Squad Building Challenges

Future Stars SBCs are available during this event:

SBC Expiry Reward
Hamed Traorè2023-02-23
86+ Mixed Campaign Player Pick2023-02-21
89+ FIFA World Cup™ or Prime Icon Upgrade2023-02-19
Future Stars Challenge 72023-02-19
Khéphren Thuram2023-02-19
Future Stars Challenge 82023-02-20
80+ Player Pick2023-02-17
84+ X5 Upgrade2023-02-17
Future Stars Challenge 52023-02-18
Future Stars Challenge 62023-02-19
Future Stars Academy Upgrade2023-03-12
Charles De Ketelaere2023-02-16
82+ X20 Upgrade2023-02-10
Talent Scout Winner2023-02-14
Quinten Timber2023-02-16
84+ x20 Rare Players Pack2023-02-19
Prime Icons Player Pick2023-02-19
82+ Upgrade2023-02-22
85+ Player Pick2023-02-10
Future Stars Challenge 42023-02-13
81+ x11 Rare Players Pack2023-02-19
Gianfranco Zola2023-02-19
87+ WW, Centurions or FS PP2023-02-19
Philippe Coutinho2023-02-19
2x 85+ x10 Rare Players Pack2023-02-19
George Best
85+ x10 Rare Players Pack2023-02-19
85+ x10 Rare Players Pack2023-02-19
87+ Base or FIFA World Cup Hero PP2023-02-11
Future Stars Challenge 32023-02-11
Future Stars Challenge 12023-02-10
Fábio Vieira2023-02-10
Future Stars Challenge 22023-02-10


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