FIFA 22 SBC Fodder

SBC Fodder FIFA 22

In FIFA Ultimate Team, SBC Fodders refers to high-rated player cards that are cheap in price due to either their on-pitch performance or their underrated value in the market, but are useful in SBCs because of their high OVR rating.

The reason that these players have cheaper value compared to their card type and/or OVR rating, is usually because of some reasons such a having a low rating of a key attribute (for example, a low pace value) or having nationality or/and league that cause them getting a lower chemistry when playing on the field.

In other words, users usually use SBC fodder cards to “feed” them into SBC puzzles only.

How to find SBC Fodder cards in FUT 22?

To find SBC fodders in FUT you can go to the Transfer Market and search for players with lower price by setting the max price for example to 5,000 coins and look for players who have OVR ratings of 83 or higher.

You van also use our FIFA 22 player database to find player with SBC fodder potential. Go there and set minimum Rating to 83, but set the maximum Pace to 75. These player are potentially fodders and are cheap in the market. Use this link: to see a search example.

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