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  1. The smartest thing to-do is to add the National teams that have qualified for Major cup competitions. Like example Africa Nation’s cup the teams that Have just qualified for That competition should be added.also Add national team’s that played the Euros and cupa America. That what Fifa was doing back then

  2. We are tired of the same f…cking African national teams , Add nigeria , Morocco , Senegal and Tunisia atleast

  3. Please Add the Croatian League and national team.

    Also please include Australian Hyundai A League and Australia national team.

  4. -I want them to add all teams that qualified for the world cup and euros
    – Add Copa America Teams
    -Add International Tournaments In Fifa, TOURNAMENT
    – Club World Cup

  5. 1. Add Qatar league and national team
    2. Add UAE league and national team
    3. Add Iranian league and national team
    4. Bring Indian Super league over from Mobile FIFA
    5. Add Thai League and national team
    6. Add Saudi National team
    7. Add Japanese national team
    8. Add South Korean national team
    9. Add Costa Rican league and national team
    10. Add Honduran league and national team
    11. Add Jamaican national team and Portmore United to rest of the world as-well to the concacaf champions league in career mode.
    12. Add Canadian Championship for 3 Canadian MLS teams (3 team group, play twice, one home one away, top of the group qualify for concacaf champions league)
    13. Add Concacaf champions league (16 team knockout)
    14. Revamp AFC champions league to 32 teams with split east and west.
    15. Add Club World Cup played mid to late December every year.
    16. Add African national teams: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Senegal, Nigeria and Ghana
    17. Add Greek league
    18. Add Ukrainian league and national team
    19. Add Finnish league
    20. Add Czech league
    21. Add Croatian league and national team
    22. Add Russian league back from PES
    23. Add Uruguayan league

  6. when you have a word with fifa 21 to put new places so people can scout maybe put places like Andorra malta bosina and herzegovina san marino macedonia yugoslavia countries in south europe countries in africa Kenya Tanzania Ethiopia congo senegal uganda mali Madagascar somalia sudan Angola Namibia Zimababwe Zambia Rwanda Tunisia Liberia Mozambique Botswana Guinea Libra Malawi Burkina foso Chad Togo Djibouti Gabon Benin Cape Varde Eritrea Eswatini The Gambia South Sadan Sierra leone Lesotho Mauritius maybe put scandinavia in it as well countries in asia Indonesia india Thailand Philippines Singapore Vietnam Hong Kong and maybe adding more countries like fiji soloman islands Tonga Tuvalu and Vanuata

  7. Hi everyone, I can tell you that it will sooooo betteeeeer to add in the next fifa national teams that normally have to be in, like Algeria (last Africa champion, with a great team), Croatia (I don’t need to describe you this team, They were fianalist last year), Japan,Nigeria,Senegal,Morocco,Tunisia,Island,…
    Then, maybe it would very amazing to be able to create our own club, wherever the city. create our stadium, suittrack, leaugue,…
    Thank u for reading me.

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