FIFA 22 – FUT Trading Tips for Early Access

FUT Trading Techniques for FIFA 22 Early Access

Having the early access to FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will give you the opportunity to build up your FUT Club early and make coins in advance. This opportunity can help you to do some special trading that you may not be able to do after official release of the game. Here we review some of these methods:

  • Open your welcome pack and other tradable packs you have received at early access.
  • Play games as many as you can – This will help you make coins.
  • Complete and solve SBCs for improve your Club and gain rewards – This can be done using the FUT 22 Web App, so you don’t need to spend your early access time on this.
  • Use the BPM method using the Web App.
  • Use your coins to invest in items and players with a high chance of rising in value – Potential players or even items such as kits etc.


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