FIFA 22 Difficulty Levels

FIFA 21 Difficulties

There are six degrees of difficulty in FIFA 22 when playing against CPU AI. The difficulty level of a match versus AI is available in all FIFA 22 game modes and is usually adjustable – In some modes there is a minimum or a specific difficulty level choice.

  • Beginner
  • Amateur
  • Semi-Pro
  • Professional
  • World Class
  • Legendary
  • Ultimate (Available in FUT only)

A match difficulty level is set before going to a game from the GAME SETTINGS tab and it cannot be changed throughout a game.

In FUT 21, the difficulty level is calculated for the match coins awards.

Impact and Breakdown

Here is how the difficulty level affects the gameplay of AI during a Single Player match which includes the performance percentage for AI’s intelligence, reaction speed and marking & space.

Difficulty Attacking Intelligence GK & Defending Intelligence Reaction Speed Marking and Space
World Class75%75%80%80%

How to Adjust the Difficulty Level in FIFA 22

The level of difficulty is adjustable from the GAME SETTINGS tab before going to a match. It is available under MATCH > Difficulty Level option. It can also be found under the CUSTOM > GAME SETTINGS menu, as well as anyplace the CUSTOM tab is visible.

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7 thoughts on “FIFA 22 Difficulty Levels

  1. Fifa 22′ – Level ‘Ultimate’ on ps5 playing multiplayer (2 player (not online)) seams very different from when I play on same level – 1 player on my ps4. How can this be?
    And autopress dos not work when we play multiplayer. Anyeone has an explanation or solution to this?

  2. May I ask why there’s a big difference between professional and world-class difficulty levels ?
    I’ve noticed that if I’m playing at the professional level, the game is so easy, while it is not if I’m playing at world-class level. There’s a really remarkable difference between them.
    For istante, at the professionals I can win every match at least 3-0, also against powerful teams such as Manchester City or Liverpool while using Arsenal. At the world-class level, I barely manage to cope with the game and at least I can struggle finish the match with a draw.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Did semi pro with Middlesbrough didn’t lose any league games and won F A cup.. got promoted.. went professional with Hartlepool cheated abit added £50 mill bought a few 70-80 rated players I keep losing avg 4-0 each game. Does this mean my level is always gonna be semi pro.. or I’m I doing something wrong with Hartlepool. TIA

  4. Can I please have some advice on how to make semi pro more difficult as I seem to be scoring at least 4 goals every match and I would like the premier league and champions league seasons to be a challenge.

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