FIFA 21 Leagues Survey Report – Final

FIFA 21 Leagues

The final result of FIFPlay’s FIFA 21 Leagues Survey (September 22, 2020) is rolled out.

FIFA fans have submitted a total of 1,858,638 votes for 114 leagues to be in FIFA 21 from 10 September 2019 to 22 September 2020 (10.15am CET). Currently, the leagues of India, Finland and Greece are the top 3.

FIFA 21 Leagues Vote is available at

FIFA 21 Leagues Survey Results – September 22, 2020

RankLeagueVote %No. of Votes
01Indian League13%244,011
02Finnish League12%227,728
03Greek League9%166,322
04UAE League4%74,395
05Malaysian League4%73,859
06Indonesian League3%63,190
07Algerian League3%57,768
08Brazilian League (Fully Licensed)3%55,459
09Hungarian League3%48,285
10Tunisian League2%44,620
11Qatar League2%41,295
12Guatemala League2%38,452
13Israeli League2%33,344
14Czech League2%32,800
15Iranian League2%31,607
16Egyptian League2%31,290
17Mexican 2nd League2%29,117
18Bangladesh League2%29,085
19Ecuadorian League2%28,543
20Welsh League1%24,174
21Vietnamese League1%23,586
22Iraqi League1%23,127
23Honduran League1%21,596
24United Soccer League (USL)1%19,072
25Moroccan League1%18,479
26Kuwait League1%17,272
27Women Bundesliga1%16,597
28Romanian 2nd League1%15,858
29Thai League1%13,263
30Canadian League1%13,258
31German 4th Division1%13,220
32Turkish TFF 1. Lig1%12,012
33Russian League1%11,035
34Bulgarian League1%10,611
35Spanish 3rd League1%10,258
36Ukrainian League1%9,434
37Italian Lega Pro1%9,368
38Brazilian 2nd League0%9,066
39Paraguayan League0%9,024
40Peruvian League0%8,919
41Argentina 2nd League0%8,667
42English Conference League0%8,483
43Portuguese 2nd League0%8,356
44Cyprus League0%7,736
45Kazakhstan League0%7,333
46Slovakian League0%7,122
47Kyrgyzstan League0%7,064
48Belarusian League0%6,322
49English Women’s Super League0%6,208
50Costa Rican League0%5,923
51Syrian League0%5,799
52Albanian League0%5,679
53Venezuelan League0%5,476
54Salvadoran League0%5,080
55French 3rd Division (Championnat National)0%4,791
56Colombian 2nd League0%4,752
57Luxembourg League0%4,721
58South African League0%4,642
59Azerbaijan League0%4,567
60Afghan League0%4,328
61Nigerian League0%4,176
62Lebanese League0%4,089
63Dutch 2nd League0%3,901
64AFC Champions League0%3,591
65New Zealand League0%3,498
66Georgian League0%3,404
67Uruguayan League0%3,268
68Macedonian League0%3,228
69Bosnian League0%3,157
70Polish 2nd League0%3,140
71Scottish 2nd League0%2,785
72CAF Champions League0%2,690
73National Women’s Soccer League0%2,387
74Northern Ireland Football League0%2,385
75Maldivian League0%2,327
76Nicaragua League0%2,224
77Libyan League0%1,950
78Philippines League0%1,666
79Croatian League0%1,567
80Serbian League0%1,398
81Jordan League0%1,379
82Slovenian League0%1,282
83Yemeni League0%1,232
84Belgium 2nd League0%1,120
85Swedish 2nd League0%1,042
86Armenian League0%1,035
87Kosovo League0%989
88Panamanian League0%964
89Central Europe Women’s League0%953
90Bahraini League0%909
91Australian 2nd League0%824
92Swiss 2nd League0%804
93Maltese League0%706
94Austrian 2nd League0%680
95Estonian League0%608
96Angolan League0%556
97Bolivian League0%489
98Uzbekistan League0%477
99Palestine League0%392
100Hong Kong League0%276
101Oman League0%198
102Singapore League0%184
103Icelandic League0%158
104Greenlandic Championship0%152
105Trinidad and Tobago League0%136
106Madagascar THB League0%129
107DPR Korea League0%117
108Lithuanian League0%107
109Jamaica League0%104
110Kenyan League0%100
111Sudanese League0%79
112St. Kitts and Nevis League0%65
113Gibraltar League0%58
114Swaziland League0%55

Total Votes: 1,858,638

FIFA 21 Leagues

How Vote for FIFA 21 League?

You can now vote for FIFA 21 Leagues at From there you can choose your favourite league you would like to vote for, then push the VOTE button at the bottom of the form.


This survey is not an official poll from EA Sports. FIFPlay is setting up this poll every year to encourage EA Sports for FIFA franchise leagues licensing. The results of these surveys will be sent to EA.

FIFA 21 leagues voting poll will be closed in September 2020.


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