FIFA 21 Goals of the Week

FIFA 21 Goals of the Week

Every week, EA Sports select the best goals scored by FIFA 21 fans and publish them as a video. This collection will be knows as “Goals of the Week” or “GOTW” and will be available on EA social media channels.

GOTW Round 20

GOTW Round 19

GOTW Round 18

GOTW Round 17

GOTW Round 16

GOTW Round 15

GOTW Round 14

GOTW Round 13

GOTW Round 12

GOTW Round 11

GOTW Round 10

GOTW Round 9


GOTW Round 8

GOTW Round 7

GOTW Round 6

GOTW Round 5

GOTW Round 4

GOTW Round 3

GOTW Round 2

GOTW Round 1

How to Submit Your FIFA 21 Goals to EA

To submit your FIFA 21 goal replays, first you need to record your goal replay, then upload it to Youtube, and finally submit your Youtube link of your goal to EA website at

How to Record Your Goal Replays in FIFA 21

Saving your replays is not available in the game. Depending on your gaming platform, you need to do the recording from your platform’s operating system.

You need to record your goal replays from the Match Highlights after completing your game. Below is a guide to recording your FIFA 21 goal replays on all platforms.

PlayStation 4

To record your gameplay highlights and goal replays on PS4, press SHARE button on PS4 controller once your highlight replay is completed, then select “Video Clip” from the sidebar, then your video clip will be saved in your Capture Gallery. You can also upload your video clip to Youtube directly.

Xbox One

To record your gameplay highlight on Xbox One, double tap on the Xbox button, then select “Snap an App” option from the sidebar and then further select Game DVR. This will save your video in your Xbox One storage. You can also share your video to Youtube from there.

PC Windows

To record your gameplay highlight on Windows, you need to record your video by a third-party video recorder application such as Free Cam or ShareX.

FIFA 21 Goals of the Week FAQ

How EA Sports Collect the Goal Replays?

FIFA 21 fans send their Youtube goal links to EA Sports using the GOTW submission form.

How to Send Your Goals to EA Sports for Goals of the Week Competition?

You can send your FIFA goals Youtube links to EA Sports using the form here:

You need to record your goals using your PC/console, then upload it to youtube and send the Youtube link to EA. Make sure that you follow these instructions to give your goals more chance to be chosen:

  • Scoring incredible goals!
  • Showing the whole goal using the default camera and not just the replay
  • Capturing goals directly from your console or PC – EA won’t accept goals recorded using your mobile phone camera, however good they are

Which Platforms are Supported for Goals of the Week Competition?

PC, PlayStation and Xbox One only.

How Many Goals I can Submit for a GOTW Competition?

One Youtube link is required per each submission entry.

Can I Send Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook or Any Other Online Video-Sharing Websites Links?

No. EA only accepts Youtube links.

Can I Send the Goals I Scored in EA Sports FIFA Mobile Game?

No. The Goals of the Week competition is only for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

Will EA Contact Me if My Goal is Chosen?

No. You will notice that only when the GOTW video is published.

Is There Any Prizes for People Whose Goals Are Chosen to be in GOTW Video?


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