FIFA 20 Free Kick Tutorial

Scoring free kicks has become easier in FIFA 20. EA have completely changed free kicks method and mechanism in FIFA 20 game to make it more real and comfortable for the users.

In FIFA 20, when you get a free kick opportunity close to your opponent’s goal, you will have more chance to score from that free kick. The following step are a guide that teaches you how to get the most out of it and score goals from free kicks:

  • The Right Player – To get a most out of a free kick, you need to select your best player at free kick. To do so, hold R2/RT, then select a player with a high free kick accuracy (FKA).
  • Aiming – There is a new aiming mechanism in FIFA 20. A reticle on screen will help you to aim your target more accurately.
  • Positioning – By flicking the Right Stick you can move your free-kick taker to the right position: Default Run up (Normal), Straight Run up (Straight) and Run up from the side (Wide). Each position has an impact on your shot: Wide has an increased amount of spin and Straight will five increase the spin for outside of the foot shots, where Normal is a balance between both of them.
  • Setting Power – Shot power now determines by the length you hold the shot button. A low power shot will be more akin to a finesse shot (loopy), while a high power shot will be more driven and direct. Aiming towards the bottom of the net will also prioritise driven shots, allowing players to shoot under the wall.
  • Spinning – After setting your shot power, and during the run up before contact, you can apply spin to it. To do so, you need to use the Right stick. apply different spins, you need to perform gestures using the Right-Stick as displayed below. The speed and accuracy of the gesture will determine how much spin is added to the ball. To do top spin, move the R stick from down to up, to do side spin, swing the R stick through the side (left/right). For time finishing attempt, you need to press the shot button for the second time – after you set your spin, to learn more read the timing details below.
  • Timing – you can also use the Timed Finishing mechanic in the new Free Kick system, allowing you to press the shot button right at the moment of the contact of the shot. If it is successful, this will reduce the amount of error, and increase the amount of spin applied to the shot. If it is not successful, it will dramatically increase the amount of error applied to your shot.

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  1. How about on PC? I don’t have PS4 or Xbox so I downloaded the game on PC. Can you show us how to do it perfectly on PC?

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