FIFA 19 Ultimate Team – Squad Battles

FUT 19 Squad Battles

Squad Battles is a Single Player mode in FUT 19 that allows you to challenge squads from the FUT community to earn rewards and move up the leaderboards. In Squad Battles, you can also challenge the squads of football players, pro FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills, build your team and earn FUT rewards.

How Does Squad Battles Work?

In Squad Battles, you play for a spot on the weekly leaderboard. Multiple times a day, you will encounter new lists of opponents to play against, all of whom were created by real players around the world. By the end of the competition, you will be awarded prizes based on your final rankā€”the higher the rank, the better the prize. If you are looking to boost your overall point score, the Featured Squad can help you with that. Featured Squads are teams set up by popular FUT community members, and even real players and clubs. If you manage to beat the Featured Squad, you are awarded a set amount of points, no matter what difficulty you chose to play on.

Take note that the ranks are determined by the average score among all competitors.

So, Squad Battles is a new simple way to play Single Player matches and earn FUT rewards and coins.

  • Play against community created squad (Single Player mode) every day and earn points
  • Climb the Leaderboard to gain better rewards and FUT coins

How to Play Squad Battles

Squad Battles mode is accessible under ULTIMATE TEAM > SINGLE PLAYER > SQUAD BATTLES menu.

After entering Squad Battles mode, you will see a list of opponents you can play against under the tab OPPONENT SELECT. You can choose your opponent to play against, view their squad and their details or update your opponents list (if an update is available). On the top right of the screen, you can see the time left until the next competition and the points you earned this week. There are also two other tabs under this game mode:

Featured Squad

Where you can play against the Featured Squad and earn higher points. Featured Squads are updated once a week (every 7 days). Featured Squads offer higher points than community matches.

Opponent Select

Where you can choose your opponent to challenge their squad. Once you selected your opponent, you will be asked to select the difficulty:

  • Beginner
  • Amateur ~ 20% higher points than Beginner
  • Semi-Pro ~ 40% higher points than Beginner
  • Professional ~ 100% higher points than Beginner
  • World Class ~ 220% higher points than Beginner
  • Legendary ~ 320% higher points than Beginner
  • Ultimate ~ 420% higher points than Beginner
Your Rank

Under this window, you can see your current rank with the minimum points required for each rank. Opposite the ranking list you can see the rewards list for your current rank and other ranks including some details and statistics such as how many percentage of players are currently in your and other ranks.

Top 100

Here you can see the current list of top 100 Squad Battles players including their Online ID, points and the number of games they played under Squad Battles mode. You can also see the previous competition’s top 100 players list.

Competition Format & Rules

A round of Squad Battles is called a “Competition”, each competition is available for one week (from Monday to Sunday). Every day during the weekdays, you will get 1 Featured Squad and 4 Squads from the community to play against. A squad update is available every 6 hours.

Squad Battles matches are all in Single Player format. Squad Battles matches half length is 6 minutes only. Any internet disconnection during the match (DNF) will cause you a loss.

By playing Squad Battles matches you will earn FUT Coins and Squad Battles Points, these points will help you to climb the leaderboard and earn Squad Battles Rewards at the end of each round (to be redeemed every Monday).

Rewards & Points

By winning a Squad Battle match you will earn a certain of points, the more points you collects, the higher rank you will get in the leaderboards. The number of points gained from a win is based on the difficulty level you choose.


What are the benefits of playing FUT Squad Battles?

As a single player mode in FUT 19, Squad Battles will help you to earn Squad Battles Points, go up the ranking list and earn coins and packs are Squad Battles rewards.

Can I play Squad Battles online?

No. Squad Battles is available only in single player (offline) mode.

Where are my opponent Squads coming from?

Your opponent squads are the squads from the community. There are also squads from the pro footballers and pro FIFA players knows as Featured Squads.

Will my opponent notice that I played against their squads?


Will I still get Points if I lose a match?

Yes. Depending on your current Rank and the Difficulty you choose, you will get some amount of Points for finishing a match, no matter if it’s a win or lose. Other facts such as your in-game performance also will result you earning some Points.

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