FIFA 19 Division Rivals – Divisions

FUT Divison Rivals - Divisions

FUT Division Rivals has 10 divisions where the highest is DIV 1. The higher division, the higher FUT Champions Points per win has.

Here is the complete list of divisions in FUT Division Rivals including the required skills rating to promote to and the points you can get per win in each divisions.

DIV Required Skill Rating Points Per Win
DIV 1 2400 x25.0
DIV 2 2200 x12.5
DIV 3 1900 x6.2
DIV 4 1600 x4.0
DIV 5 1200 x3.2
DIV 6 800 x2.5
DIV 7 500 x2.0
DIV 8 250 x1.5
DIV 9 100 x1.2
DIV 10 10 20 Pts per win

Don’t forget that Division Rivals is a weekly competition and the tournament reset every week. You can see the list of weekly rewards for Division Rivals at


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