FIFA 18 Goals of the Month

FIFA 18 Goals of the Month

FIFA 18 Goals of the Month. A collection of the best goals scored by FIFA fans from around the world in FIFA 18.

Every month, EA Sports select the best goals scored by FIFA 18 players and publish them as a video. This collection will be knows as “Goals of the Month” or “GOTM” and will be available on EA Sports FIFA Youtube channel.

Goals of the Month Video Date
Play FIFA 18 Goals of the Week – Round 1 Oct 6, 2017


How EA Sports Collect the Goal Replays?

FIFA 18 players send their Youtube goal links to EA Sports using the GOTM submission form.

How to Send Your Goals to EA Sports for Goals of the Month Competition?

You can send your FIFA 18 goals Youtube links to EA Sports using the form here:

You need to record your goals using your PC or console, then upload it to youtube and send the Youtube link to EA. Make sure that you follow these instructions to give your goals more chance to be chosen:

  • Send the whole goal using the default camera – not just the replay.
  • Your goals should be captured or uploaded from your console/PC (EA won’t pick goals recorded with your mobile camera off TV screens/monitors).
  • Your goals should be something amazing!

Which Platforms are Supported for Goals of the Week Competition?

PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One only. That means you cannot send your FIFA 18 goals recorded on PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

How Many Goals I can Submit for a GOTW Competition?

One Youtube link is required per each submission entry.

Can I Send Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook or Any Other Online Video-Sharing Websites Links?

No. EA only accepts Youtube links.

Can I Send the Goals I Scored in EA Sports FIFA Mobile Game?

No. The Goals of the Week competition is only for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

Will EA Contact Me if My Goal is Chosen?

No. You will notice that only when the GOTW video is published.

Is There Any Prizes for People Whose Goals Are Chosen to be in GOTW Video?



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