FIFA 18 – Festival of FUTball

Festival of FUTBall

EA is celebrating the World Cup in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team with a month-long event that provides numerous ways to upgrade your FUT squad. From new squads of special FUT items to a variety of themed SBCs and Objectives, catch World Cup fever in Ultimate Team right alongside the massive tournament.

Check out all of the international football-themed events coming to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team during the Festival of FUTball!

World Cup In-form Players

In the coming weeks squads of special FUT items will be released throughout the Festival of FUTball based on the best-performing players during different stages of the World Cup. Players are selected solely based on how they performed during a specific stage or stages of the tournament.

Path to Glory Selected player items will also be upgraded whenever the player is included in one of these squads.

Squad Building Challenges

A variety of SBCs will pop up throughout the Festival of FUTball, relating to World Cup events and matchups. Play along with the real-world tournament and complete the relevant SBCs to give your FUT squad a boost. Certain SBCs will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to log in to FUT often so you don’t miss the chance to improve your squad.

International-themed Content

Look for Classic International Heroes released as special FUT items based on players with strong international pedigrees but are not playing in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Catch World Cup fever during the Festival of FUTball with themed events in Daily Knockout Tournaments and Weekly Objectives. Look for Featured Squad Battles throughout the Festival from your favorite international superstars, then take them on with your FUT squad to move up the weekly leaderboards.


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