FIFA 18 Companion App – Update 18.0.5

FIFA 18 Companion App

A new update is now available for FIFA 18 Companion app which is 79 MB in size and makes improvements to the app. Here are the changes in this update:

Changes for iOS only:

  • Added support for iPhone X

Changes on all platforms:

  • Modified the layout on the Home screen to make Squad Building Challenges and Objectives more visible.
  • Modified the Unassigned Items tile to make it more prominent.
  • Chemistry Style items will now show the affected attributes in green instead of white.
  • Modified the style of filtering and sorting buttons used throughout the app.
  • Coin balances will update more frequently when using the app.
  • Added a red overlay to the active squad if there are players that are injured or that are out of contracts.
  • Compare Price is now accessible from all item detail screens.
  • Added the league abbreviations to all league selection drop down menus.
  • Time Remaining will now show when there is less than 30 seconds remaining on an active listing.
  • The starting price of auctions will now display in the list view on a device resolution of 1200 pixels wide or greater.
  • Added “+” and “-” buttons to the pricing filter for Transfer Market searches.
  • Added the option to search for only Untradeable Items in Squad Building Challenges.
  • Added a way to open and close the Squad Building Challenges requirements overlay.
  • Added the option to use only Untradeable Items in the Squad Builder.
  • Added the option to sort items by Lowest Quick Sell Value in the Squad Builder.

Addressed the following issues on all platforms:

  • Compare Prices showing all versions of a player instead of just the specific version being searched.
  • Certain player names were not showing up in the Player Name Search filter.
  • The focus jumping to the top of a page when performing actions on the Transfer Market.
  • Squad Builder options are now consistent between screens.


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