FIFA 16 Basic Gameplay Tips

FIFA 16 Gameplay Tips

Need to improve your gameplay in FIFA 16? Here we have some basic tips for you to follow in the game in order to improve your game playing. Follow the hints below to get better at FIFA 16 and beat your opponents when you are playing single player or online matches.


Get familiar with FIFA 16 controls, we have the control guides for all platforms here FIFA 16 controls are almost same as FIFA 15’s, print them out if you’re not already fimiliarised with them. Download FIFA 16 Manual as well. Go through the manual get familiar with the movements etc.


Before going to a match, go through all steps of FIFA 16 training mode. Start from the basic trainings and try to reach the higher levels one by one. In training mode, you can try the controls and skill moves as well.

Turn on FIFA Trainer

Turn on FIFA Trainer mode in FIFA 16. FIFA 16 Trainer is an in-game trainer which assists you to improve your gameplay by giving real time tips while you’re playing a match. Turn it on and execute the given tips during the match.

Play Single Matches (Offline)

Play against AI and try to beat it. Start off with Amateur or Semi-Pro difficulty level and then go for higher levels. Try to focus on defending first rather than scoring goals. Check out all FIFA 16 defending controls and get familiarised with them. After you are already good at defending, learn how to put your opponent under pressure and then try to score goals.

Play Online Matches

Playing online matches will teach you how to play FIFA 16 better since you are going to play against a real FIFA player. Remember that online matches could be laggy and this could affect your timing for shooting, dribbling, passing and in general, for your gameplay. Playing Online Seasons and Tournaments could help you improve your gameplay step by step as you play against people who are on the same level of gameplay as you. Try to promote to the next divisions/stages.

Other Things to Consider

– Find a formation that suits your playing style.
– Have more than two attacking methods, don’t stick with one method of attacking.
– Try to read your opponent’s next move when you play online.
– Form up your defensive line with the defenders with highest overall ratings in your club.
– Do not disconnect/leave the matches even if you know you’re going to lose.


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