FIFA 15 Tips – Deadly Passing

FIFA 15 Tips for Perfect Passing

FIFA 15 guide for playing deadly pass aka. perfect pass – with video tutorial.

To perform perfect passes, depending on the situation you’re in, first you need to know the basic passing skills and be familiar with FIFA 15 controls – Download FIFA 15 manual using the link below.

Second is to create an opportunity for sending deadly passes. To do so, you need to have an attacker running into the free spaces behind the defenders. Your attacker should be fast enough to take over your opponent defenders.

Third is the timing and space. It’s important when you’re sending a through pass into the space your team mate is running to. Be careful of the offside trap.

To tell your team mate to start a run into space, press L1 (PS) / LB (Xbox) before sending the pass on its right time. By doing this, your team mate will run fast into the rooms behind the defenders to receive the ball. Then you can pass the ball to him by pressing ▲ (PS) or Y (Xbox). Again, do it on the right time.

Watch the video guide below which is made by FIFA Youtube, PatrickHDxGaming to see how deadly pass works in action:

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