FIFA 14 Tips – Goal Celebrations

FIFA 14 Guide: Celebrate goal scoring in style in FIFA 14. Learn how to celebrate your goals:

Finishing Moves
Point to the Sky — Hold LB, Press B.
Le Cirque LaBelle — Hold LT, Flick RS Down, Up.
The Pitbull — Hold RB, Press B.
Respect — Hold LB, Press B, B.
Standing Archer — Hold LB, Hold RS Right.
Bottom Dance — Hold LB, Press X, X.
Movember — Hold LT, Press B, B.
Signature Finishing Move — Press A.

Lvl 1 – Muevelo — Hold LB, Flick RS Right, Left.
Lvl 29 (Bundle)
Belly Flop — Hold LB, Press X.
Riding the Wave — Hold LB, Press Y.
The Business — Hold LB, Flick RS Down, Down.
Lvl 31 — Calm Down — Hold LB, Press Y, Y.
Lvl 47 — The Bear — Hold LB, Hold RS Up.
Lvl 55 — Chicken Dance — Hold LB, Flick RS Up, Down.
Lvl 57 — Gallop Dance — Hold LB, Press RS.
Lvl 88 — Patty Cake — Hold LB, Flick RS Right, Right.
Lvl 100 — Riding the Cat — Hold LB, Hold RS Down.

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  1. Hi, I am not able to make any of the celebration moves. I suppose I’m making mistake in timing of the execution of the move. Can you tell me when to make the move when the goal has been made?

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