FIFA 14 Tips – Defending Corners

FIFA 14 Defending Tips for Corner (Settings)

Taking a corner kick is a good opportunity to score a goal at FIFA 14, but when it comes to defending a corner kick you definitely don’t want it to be happened so.

To defend corners in FIFA 14, you need to do some stuffs before and in the game. Before the game, go to team management screen and set auto-switching to air balls and move assistance to low – This will help you to auto-select the closet player when a cross comes in. Then, find the best defending players who are tallest and have the best heading threat to place them on left and right back (as it is explained in FIFA 14 Defending Tips).

When your opponent is taking a corner kick, bring the player who is near the crosser to the edge of the six-yard box – You can select the player by the right stick, this help you save time and select the player you want. Make sure you are quick enough before the kick is taken and the low cross is sent. After this, keep pushing the shoot button for clearance. The best clearance is to send the ball to the sides of the field, by doing this you might also have the chance to grab the ball by your other players and arrange a possible counterattack.

Here is also a video from EA in which Darren Cross gives you his own tips on FIFA 14 corner defending tricks:


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