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Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13

Have you had a chance to play FIFA 12? What was missing in the game? Do you have any ideas for its next version? Tell us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 13. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 13 wish-list here.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in FIFA 13 be like?

Tell us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 13 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. I would like the Ukrainian Premier League to be in the game so I can play teams like Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv because I want to see how the Ukrainian Premier League works. Also make the ‘Champions Cup’ more like Champions league and if those wishes are granted then the game will be much more interesting.

  2. add Shatov, Kanunnikov, Smolov, Burmistrov and Logashov to FUT. They gonna be awesome irl this season and I don’t want to wait 1 more year for fifa 14 to play them in FUT

  3. You put all this effort into creating an awesome roster for FIFA 11 Ultimate Team, but when FIFA 12 comes out you have to start all over from scratch? I would like to see something in the future that actually benefits you from playing Ultimate team transferred over to the new version. Maybe some coins to spend on packs or something. Anything at all for your work!

  4. Steven Gerrard is 83! He should be way better than that! World Xi should be the current team of the year! We should be able to add and remove players to the world Xi because fifa’s isn’t great

    1. Agree mate, totally agree. Steven’s not been at his best recently but, just remember one thing FIFA, form is temporary… class is permanent!

  5. As a huge fan of fifa serial, I think my nick name is there for more than 10 years, I would like to see finally SERBIAN National Team to play with. Please is that possible?

  6. Ukrainian league!!They are rated the 7th best league in europe. But instead of having a quality league you chose danish league or lesser leagues.
    Also ukrainian national team since they just hosted the euros and have proven they can easily compete with teams like england.
    Also more south american leagues like argntina.
    put quality leagues in the game and not saudi arabia.

  7. Put Croatia leaugue in fifa12, put youth football, put that you can go to the bank a loan 20million, better office, put that you can buy house in carrie manager.

  8. be able to create your own club and division for you and your friends with you getting a certain amount of overall money and weekly wages for players so that you can create your own team then play against your friends teams that they have made i know sounds similar to ultimate team but will be more even because of all with same amount of money etc just depends on what you do with it

  9. I would like to be able to have online leagues with club teams and in ultimate team, where you can start your own leagues and have people join

  10. You should include more international teams like Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Panamá, etc.

    When I played Fifa 2001 or 2002 I had a LOT of teams to choose, now you put some national teams… It´s kind of insulting for the fans of those countries which are not included in the game.


    1. I agree I think a good Idea would to be have say the top 25-50 national teams in the game corrsponding to the Fifa coca-cola rankings that way any team within that range could have a chance to be in the game

  11. Maybe you can include on the Manager mode another sub-mode so we can play 2 players offline.. each manager managing his own club.ç


  12. Hope gary neville is on commentary.
    When in season ya can watch matches as you are the manger.
    Having proper names for your coaches and no.2 who are real.
    Having scouts who scouts for players aswell as youth squad.
    Create a team and league so you can add turkish league if not in.
    When transfers go through you can go to an actual list of tranfers
    And not just glimpes of tranfers gone through.
    Having mangers name against a team and seeing them get fired and being
    Able to see who there replacement is aswell as manger ratings.
    There Just a few off the top off me head….

  13. After match in friendly offline. When we choose restart the match, let us change players and formation please before playing the game. Thanks
    Kind Regards

  14. Match Day (friendly exhibition):
    RANDOM FORM can be a second choice to match day form. As sometimes when i play with friends, i would like to change players instead of using same best players. Match day form is good but if we play like 3 4 matches in a row, the players form wont change. Need this RANDOM FORM option (was a pes idea) but would be great for sure. FIFA 13 is best, was PES 6 fan but moved to fifa, pes is really bad now. Will try to buy the game now instead of crack version, great job EA Sports (from 2011- till now)

  15. Well i know is a lil late now… lol, still i wont shut!


    1. Some euro teams of second division on FIFA 12 where as good as teams such Santos of Brazil, ¿WTF MAN?

    Put Santos in the spanish legue, i bet u they would end forth place or so in the table at the end of the year.

    2. More south america teams! Man come on, at least like the three biggest teams of each country here. If u have Denmark f***ing second division on FIFA 12, we should have able to play whit teams as Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo for Chile, add the other big ones of Argentina, Independiente, San Lorenzo, maybe u can add Estudiantes too. Follow the same logic for Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and the rest.

    Is amazing how poor the desitions of some Legues are here, DUDE NORWAY HAS ONLY 5 million guys living there. And lemme tell u, not all of them will buy your lil game…

    Bonus Track: A good football simultor cant have a weak south america… wut the f***, we feel it a 100 % more than u guys up there on the “first world”

  16. Fifa should have the PSL, the South African league, instead of the Saudi Arabian or one of the Asian leagues because nobody plays with those teams on Fifa.

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