FC 25 Squad Selector

FC 25 Squad Selector

Squad Selector is a feature in EA Sports FC 25 that allows you to select, rename, and create a new squad in the Ultimate Team. Squad Selector is available in the Squad screen in Ultimate Team, under the Squad Actions menu (appears by pressing the L2/LT button).


Use the Squad Selector to create a new squad, select, rename, delete or make a copy of your available squads.

  • Create New Squad – Use this option to create a brand new squad for your club using the Squad Builder.
  • Select Squad – This option selects a squad from your squad list and makes it as Active squad. Once a squad is selected, you will be going back to the Squad screen.
  • Rename – You can rename and change the name of your squads here.
  • Copy Squad – This function will make a copy of your squads.
  • Delete Squad – Use this option to remove your squads from your club permanently.

Concept Squads

Using the Concept Squads, you can create and sketch your future squads without having them as an actual squad in your club. Learn more about this option, go to FC 25 Concept Squads Guide.


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