FC 25 Concept Squad

FC 25 Concept Squad

Concept Squads

Using the Concept Squads, you can create and sketch your future squads without having them as an actual squad in your club. This squads are only for planning and can have players from FC 25 database that you don’t even own. For more details, go to FC 25 Concept Squad.

Use concept squads as a planning tool. Every player in Ultimate Team has a concept version that can be added to your squad. They are only for planning and cannot be used in matches or trading. Add Concept Players to see how you can improve your favorite squads. Squads containing concept players cannot be used for a match. Selecting a concept player will give you the option to quickly search for the player on the transfer market.

How to Create a Concept Squad

To create and add a concept squad to your club:

  • Go to SQUAD
  • Select Squad Builder from SQUAD ACTIONS (L2/LT)
  • On the Squad Builder screen, move on to Concept Players option and change it to YES
  • You can set other filter options as you wish
  • Select BUILD SQUAD

Alternatively, you can go to the Squad Selector screen, toggle to the Concept Squads tab (L2/LT), then select Create New Concept.

How to Add a Concept Player

To add concept players to your squad:

  • Choose a position in your squad you want to add a player to
  • Select “Add Player” by pressing Square / X button
  • Press “Search” by pushing Triangle / Y button
  • Go to ADVANCED FILTERS and turn Concept Player option on
  • Then search for the players you are looking for


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