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EA’s help and support services are available for the FC 24 game. This service is accessible 24/7 online through the EA website through live chat and messaging, as well as on Twitter.

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  1. This game is a shame for football, but especially for games. my friend said it’s the worst fifa he’s ever played in his life and he’s been playing since fifa 2008. It’s full of errors, like passing the ball through women’s breasts, the famous position on the side of the goal where you score for that the goalkeeper does not see the ball. There are also times when the referee does not see that the player breaks your legs without touching the ball, or when a player puts his hand on the ball. But “congratulations” for all the packages on which people throw thousands of euros to receive the weakest players and 4, 5 times each. Worst game of the year.

  2. Visuellement très beau mais à jouer c’est le pire fifa qu’il n’y a jamais exister
    Ce fifa la a jouer est vraiment dégueulasse
    Un vrai jeux de merde

  3. why when I play during a match and when I score a goal sometimes the image is darker then lighter after the goal is scored, it only happens in this game, so the monitor is fine and I tried it on another console and another monitor and it still does it as if there is a problem in settings? or a bug in the game?(Xbox series s)

  4. Dear EA,
    everybody knows that in division rivals and FUT champions there are no real opponents. They are all Al robot from EA. That’s ok because it was always like this in the past. What’s new for me is that suddely all of my “opponents” play like crazy, defend and mark like crazy, score like crazy… It is obvious that since i was banned, you, EA, put my IP adress on Ultimate Mode “opponents”. So my question is: Will you forgive me sometime in the future and let me play with “opponents” in Proffesional mode, or is it over for me and you will punish me through the season? If this is your intension, please give me my money back, and everything is ok. I hope that EA is a big company, and doesn’t need my money. But if you are a small company, just keep my money

    1. There is no enough national team. And almost all the EA FC users agrees with that. That is why i want you to add the African Nations Cup (CAN) to EA FC 24 like you will do to Euro24.

      Thank You.

  5. Использовал жетон драфта, играл 1 матч драфта в “одиночном драфте ” при счёте 4:0 в мою пользу, просто соединение с серверами потеряно выкинуло в главное меню, сразу зашёл обратно и в итоге тех поражение 3:0 ( играю через кабель не через wifi с интернетом все отлично ) можно ли как-то вернуть мне жетон

  6. Hello,

    I’m having a problem with recovering a card from the 29 of October. It says an error occurred while trying to load the discarded items. Specially the items from the 29 of October which I need to recover a card from that day.

    Please help me fix this problem. Thanks

    1. Same and i have hero ledley king in mine as he was a duplicate untradeable so i put on into the new hero upgrade and now i cant get my other one back

  7. My game is not working for good I play WiFi he is not playing for WiFi I am sad
    I have a problem , when i finish a game even i win that game the ea drop me down of server and gimme a error ” the connecting to ultimate team its not possible at this moment ” and i just lose that game , pls someone help me?

    1. O jogo nunca esteve nem estará bom é tóxico e ridículo, jogadores de 76 a ser melhores que jogadores de 90 truques de chulos de meio da área defesas que não sabem cortar uma bola sabem fazer ressaltos, contem o dinheiro por agora mas a vossa mama há de acabar

    2. I keep getting disconnected during games I win because of apparent BAD INTERNET connection but my pc is connected to a ETHERNET cable. This gotta be the worst in-game system to deal with package loss I’ve ever seen in a game. Why does the game not get paused or something? It insta DCs you mid game and it’s the most annoying and dissapointing thing in the world. I sometimes wonder how the DEVs land a job like that

      1. Such bullshit. I’m winning in a game, then a guy makes a pause and all of a sudden I get sudden lag and eventually disconnected from the game and I lose. It’s such bullshit. I hate this game

  8. Hello guys,
    so i have an problem with the game sometimes it’s stuttering all the time in the menu specially
    Sometimes’s when I get in a match I cannot play because of how much the game Sutter’s
    and I have checked everything on PC everything is great and running smoothly GPU CPU RAM everything my SSDs
    the only fix for me now is to close all EA service and everything and run the game again

  9. I have a problem with the connection in fc24 on the Clubs drop-in it says “It looks like your connection to your opponent was lost…”. Does anyone have a solution?

  10. Hey ea every time I try to play a match on fifa it says “entering a match has been temporarily disabled” what should I do

      1. Same thing happened to me it says “at the moment it is not possible to join matches. we apologize and are working to make it possible again soon. try again later.” What is the problem?

  11. The SBC’s aren’t working.
    I meet the requirements but the game won’t register.
    For example, it says I need 1 player from Arsenal and 1 player form Man City; I have 1 of each in my starting 11 but the app won’t recognize it. It keeps telling me that I need players from those 2 teams…

    1. Same thing for me but I can’t do any sbcs I haven’t been able to do no sbc for like 2 weeks avery time I submit any sbc I will get kicked back to the menu but the thing is it’s working for other people

  12. Ik ben bezig met een sbc met 2 spelers van Barcelona en Sevilla. Deze staan er beide in maar kan hem niet indienen omdat de vereisten niet goed zijn gekeurd van de spelers…. iemand ook problemen hier mee?

  13. Hi,
    My volta is bugged out everytime i try to access it I just get my avatar standing with a blank screen. Then it says
    There was an error accessing server data please try again. But when I do nothing happens I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the game and files on my xbox x but it remains the same.

  14. I have a problem. every time i start a career and it makes me save it says data is corruptremove the disk and insert it again

  15. I have a problem , when i finish a game even i win that game the ea drop me down of server and gimme a error ” the connecting to ultimate team its not possible at this moment ” and i just lose that game , pls someone help me . 🙂

  16. Sry aber ich finde es eine Frechheit
    Mein Mann hat um die 1200 € in ultimate gesteckt und er hat nix besonderes gezogen
    Da hat er letztens Jahr im fifa 23 besser gezogen ich finde es eine bodenlose Frechheit Ihr verdient doch genug an diesen spiel dann lasst doch auch mal nicht Streamer was wie gutes ziehen

  17. I can’t play any game modes on ultimate team, neither division rivals, fut champs qualify or squad battle since this morning. What to do?

  18. I can’t play any game modes on ultimate team, neither division rivals, fut champs qualify or squad battle since this morning. What to do?

    1. I can’t change the color of the”soccer aid clubs“kits. There is only one color. There were two colors in FIFA 23.
      Could you please add another color?

  19. Hallo
    Habe gestern die Ultimate Edition downgeloaded auf der PS5.
    Wenn ich im Karrieremodus spiele, hängt es sich immer auf & zwar dann wenn ich einen Coach entlassen möchte. Warum?

  20. This is horrendous, absolute disgrace . DO NOT PURCHASE this game . Year after year we wait for something new and yet it’s the same old stuff since 2016. Do you guys even work ? Do you put in ANY effort , making millions of dollars , for what ? The same loading screen , same layout . Like you can’t even change something as simple as that . It looks and feels EXACTLY the same as fifa 23 , 22, etc. You really give futbol a bad name . Change it up a little bit for the love of god . Y’all should be firing your creators because obviously they do nothing .

  21. Guten Tag, ich würde gerne aufhören, ich habe FC 24 Ultimate Edition gekauft, kann es aber immer noch nicht installieren, danke

  22. I have a question, I bought the ultimate version and yesterday I started downloading the game, I finished the download and ran the game to start playing and everything was fine, the game started and I started playing correctly. But today I opened Steam again, ran the game and when I opened EAPLAY it told me that “I don’t have the game installed” and it told me to download but is feo en in “Preparing” dont download anything. I need you to tell me what to do

  23. hi the is fc24 global and fc24 only in english It’s the same simple game in English there is only English and in Global there are more languages?

  24. I was mid way doing Werner evolution and all of a sudden it reverted back to being a gold card so has this happened to anyone else ?
    And is there any compensation

  25. Trying to link all ea account get everything done until it comes to the part where they send me a verification code to my email and nothing ever comes through tryed over 30 times and on my mums email no emails are getting sent through what the hell is going on not happy one but!!!

    1. Im having the same issues. Tried at midnight and again this morning.

      I still can’t receive the Verification Code. No help for this anywhere either.

      Can you please sort it asap.


  26. I bought the ultimate edition of FC24 on steam and now its 7 days before which should allow me to play 7 days before like the other people who got the game but i’m not able to. Does this have something to do with steams contract with EA or what?

    1. I have the same problem, I can’t download fc 24 ultimate edition, we don’t know how to proceed, we paid the money and fc 24 ultimate doesn’t work, I don’t understand it

      1. EA At one point FIX YOUR GAME !!!! It is literally pissing me off,I can play a single game not squad battles,rivals,champion,moments NOT EVEN Friendlies.ALL IM ASKING PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME!!!!

  27. Ik kom niet in de transfermarkt in fc24 maar wel in de web app wat moet ik doen om in de transfermarkt te komen in de web app

  28. Ich habe Fifa 23 auf der Playstation gespielt der Transfermarkt war frei und nun komme ich nicht auf den Transfermarkt in der Webapp für FC 24 warum ?

  29. I received a code what didn’t give me access to ultimate team then got sent me an unusable cod and both emails auto deleted. I don’t understand

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