Futties promo event is expected to start in July in FC 24 Ultimate Team. FC 24 FUTTIES event celebrates the best of all-things FC 24, as well as brand-new content to help users to upgrade their squads. [Learn more]

Duration 3 Weeks (July to August)
Teams 3
Features Players, SBCs, Objectives, XP, Friendlies, FUT Champs Rewards


The list of all FUTTIES players including objectives & SBC reward player items:

To be available soon ...

To be available soon ...

Reward Changes

EA will be revising FUT Champions Rewards starting in FUTTIES. The following are significant changes at each rank:

Rank Tier
Rank 1 & 2 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS 3 Players Pack
92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 5)
Rank 3 & 4 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS 3 Players Pack
92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 4)
Rank 5 & 6 92+ Shapeshifters + EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 3)
Rank 7, 8, 9 & 10 Max 92 OVR Shapeshifters + TOTS Pick (1 of 4)

Division Rival Rewards

EA will also be updating Division Rivals Milestone rewards for Division 4 & above. Players in Divisions 4 & above will compete to earn Shapeshifters & TOTS themed rewards depending on your division and the Milestone Rank you reach at the end of the Season 8.

In addition to Milestone Rewards, Elite Division players will also receive a 92+ Shapeshifters or EFIGS TOTS Pick (1 of 4) Player Pick each week of the Rivals Season,. These player picks will include TOTS players from Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga & LaLiga TOTS Squads.

You will be able to see the full details of the Division Rivals reward changes in-game in the coming days.

Squad Battle Rewards

Squad Battle players reaching rank Elite 3 & above will also receive Shapeshifters & TOTS themed rewards. You’ll be able to see the full details of the Squad Battle reward changes in-game in the coming days.

‘Best Of’ Re-releases

Look out for Batch 1 of ‘Best Of’ re-releases in packs now to earn top players from previous campaigns including: Ones to Watch, Road to the Knockout, Rulebreakers, Winter Wildcards, Centurions, TOTY Honorable Mentions & TOTY Icons. As well as brand new FUTTIES and Premium FUTTIES players available in packs for the first time.

Premium Chemistry FUTTIES

With FUTTIES, Premium Chemistry returns to FUT to provide more potent links to your team. Player Items with Premium Chemistry, denoted by the Crown logo at the top of the item, have the same chemistry properties as Heroes, as well as the Club link.

Squad Building Challenges

You can earn special rewards including FOF special SBC players by completing FUTTIES Squad Building Challenges. These challenges are available for a limited time during the FOF event:

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SBC Expiry Reward


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