FC 24 Euro 2024

EA Sports FC 24 Euro 2024

UEFA Euro 2024 has been available as a game mode since June 6, 2024, in the EA Sport FC 24 game. Euro 2024 game mode will be added to the game automatically once you update your game title on your console or PC.

In FC 24 Euro 2024 game mode you are able to play the official tournament mode of the EURO 2024 competition as well as other single and multiplayer modes and competitions. Below is the detail of this game game.

Euro 2024 The European Journey

The European Journey

By playing this mode, you can earn rewards in other modes by completing challenges within the Euro 2024 experience.

Euro 2024 Tournament


Here you can play the official tournament of the EURO 2024, lead your nation to European glory and live the authentic tournament excitement of Euro 2024 as you look to write football history and life the trophy.

Lead Your Nation

By playing this mode, you can captain your country as an authentic player or create your own and lead your favourite National team against the best European teams on a journey to become champions of the Euro 2024.

Kick Off

Similar to the Kick off mode in FC 24, this mode allows you to lead the European nations team of your choice in a match against local friendlies or against the AI.

Online Friendlies

Here you can play authentic matchups from Euro 2024 against friends online.


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