FC 24 Cross-Play Settings – How to Enable and Invite Friends

FC 24 Cross-play Guide and Tutorial

Learn how to enable the cross-play feature in EA Sports FC 24 and invite friends to play online matches.

EA Sports FC 24 includes a cross-platform play feature that allows you to play with other people across different platforms within your console/PC generation. Here is a complete guide to adjusting and enabling the cross-play feature in EA FC 24 and inviting friends to play with or against them.

Check out the cross-platform play feature in FC 24 to understand how it works.

How to Enable or Disable Cross-play Feature

When you first enter FC 24, cross-play is automatically enabled, unless your personal settings prohibit it.

In order to check your cross-play status and to make it enable or disable, go to FC 24 > Customise > Online Settings. And then, Matchmaking Options. From there, enable or disable the Cross-play Enabled option:

  • Cross-play Enabled: (Yes / No)

How to Invite Friends

To invite friends in EA Sports FC 24 and play with them, you need to make sure that:

  • You have already added them as friends on your console or PC network.
  • They are on the same platform or console generation as you. For example, if you have a PS5, your friends need to be on either the PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or PC.

Then, go to the EA Social screen in FC 24 by pressing the R2/RT button where it is available.

Next, select a friend and send them an invite. They will need to accept your invitation and join the game.


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