UEFA Euro 2012 – Your Feedback

Your Feedback for EURO 2012

Have you played EUFA Euro 2012 (Expansion Pack for FIFA 12) video-game? How did you like it? Did it satisfy your soccer gaming hunger for EURO 2012?

Feel free to drop your comments and feedback for Euro 2012 game here at FIFPlay. This page is dedicated to your valuable reviews and feedback.

We share all user-reviews submitted here to show to EA Sports developers.

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10 thoughts on “UEFA Euro 2012 – Your Feedback

  1. Everytime I try to play EURO 2012 it says you have purchase the game however I have bought it ages ago from PS3 Network. Even I click on purchase it says there is an error!!!
    Only sometimes I dont see the issue and can play it, please fix it ASAP!!!

  2. It’s crashed at some point every time I’ve played it, had ‘ghost’ substitutions where players come on but you can’t see them, starting lineups change and put goalkeepers as strikers, I’ve re-downloaded it 8 times now and EA refuse to believe there is a problem with it.. Worth £14 eh? Complete waste of time and money. EA should be ashamed of themselves for putting out buggy, useless tat.

  3. Besides the unlicensed player issue, the lack of updates to the squads since the official squad releases in the past week, and the sound glitch in expedition mode, the online mode is terrible especially the substitutions! please product test before any future releases. Expansion pack is just not worth the money i spent on it

  4. What’s wrong with you? You call it the Ukrainian national team? With this approach, the implementation of the national teams of Europe and the game is not worth a cent. Sorry for my EN. Your fan from Ukraine.

  5. i have a problem in Euro 12 tournement mode.i select spain and game until semifinal but for next game it has exited and game won’t continue . in squad xabi alonso’s name has removed and his rating increase to 99

  6. Hope somebody can shed light on this problem. Having selected England & playing the Euro 12 tournement mode after the game has finished against the ukraine the game won’t continue at all! Anybody else having these sort of issues?


    1. I have the same problem…chose england and the game never loads after i played second game with sweden…help please.

  7. I find it appalling by the lack of multi team tornaments, this is even looking past the fact there isnt a qualifier mode in it.

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